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Jewish books in Russian store was established by Mendel Shapiro in 2004 in Toronto, Canada on a voluntary basis.

Most buyers are immigrants from the CIS countries, young people 35-45 years of age who are looking for ways to source and are in the beginning. Therefore, special attention is given to articles on the choice of books for beginners, to ask questions directly by telephone or Skype, as well as publication of new books with suggestive names, such as "Siddur for beginners".

Russian-speaking Jews immigrated successfully in many countries. And now that the Internet has opened unlimited access to information and products, Mendel asked for help his daughter - Helen to open a web store. Since 2007, the Torah in Russian shipped to China, Finland, Russia, Italy, Germany, USA and many other parts of the world.

Now JewishBook.ca can safely be called the largest store of Jewish books in Russian with more than 2,000 titles available, free international shipping (for orders of $ 100) and kosher publishers that are trusted: Shamir, Lechaim, Shvut Ami, Toldos Yeshurun, FREE, Jewish Book, Bris Avrogom and others. Jewish books in Russian store JewishBook.ca do not belong to any direction: Hasidism, Litvak or any other. JewishBook.ca offers books of all areas of Orthodox Judaism, collecting on our shelves edition of Moscow, New York, Jerusalem. In the presence more than 30 types of Torah, all available edition of the Siddur in Russian, Tegilim with a wide variety of quality and design. Also collected a fine library of Jewish philosophy, with names such as Moshe Chaim Lutsatto, p. Aryeh Kaplan, Rambam, Maharal of Prague and many others. More than 100 books under Judaism - Laws of Jewish life. The widest selection of books on the history and the Jewish family. Shalom Arush, Eliyahu Ki-Tov, r. Yehuda Leibowitz ... By particles collected children's books and dictionaries to study Hebrew. Zohar, Treatise of Ibn Ezra, the Jewish leadership of meditation from the Arie Brodkin are an integral part of the section of Kabbalah.

Jewish Book

Having opened three warehouses (Ukraine, Israel, Canada), and entrusting the distribution of Jewish books to his daughter Helen, Mendel Shapiro founded the publishing house "Jewish Book" in Jerusalem. Being devoted to the quality and reputation, publishing house works with such names like Frima Gurfinkel, Rabbi Adam Davidov, Gedaliah Spinadel and many others.

Книжная ярмарка Jewish Book

Today, the publishing house and store "Jewish Book Inc." offers special discounts for bulk buyers, communities and synagogues, forms library to individuals and community organizations, conducts book fairs and fundraising for translation into Russian and publication of the most sought Jewish books.

Preparing to open warehouses in the U.S. and Russia. At the request of customer, the representatives are needed in Germany, England and elsewhere.

Catalogs can be requested online at JewishBook.ca with free shipping.

Read more - "The letter of the founder".


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