All In Your Thoughts

јвтор: Yosef, Sarah


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Ќомер по каталогу: 04224000
√од издани€: 2013
Cтраниц: 252
Weight: 0.52 kgs
Translated by: Sominskaya, Ruth
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x2x24


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How to realize your dreams and aspirations? • Can I change my destiny? • How to get access to the unlimited abundance to the Divine? • Is it possible to control the thoughts? • How to express my gratitude to the Creator for His infinite goodness, generosity and mercy? • How to learn to cope with fear, stress, anger and frustration?

If you are willing to break with the usual negative attitude, and if you want to fix your eyes on the world around us, and if you want to experience the feeling of gratitude and trust to God, if you want to feel a real confidence. And most importantly, if you want to change, which will lead to positive changes in your life ...

... Then this book will be your guide. Take some time to think about what is really important. During the long years of practice Sarah Joseph, author of the book, the teacher and the leading seminars on positive thinking, and a wealth of materials gained invaluable experience in understanding the depths of the human soul.

"Everything is in your mind" - is not only a fun and fascinating read. The author gives a lot of practical advice and examples of how to achieve a healthier and more positive approach to life with the help of the Torah, as well as new and unexpected look at the deep-seated feelings and emotions inside. By directing its potential energy in a constructive way, we can begin to live a full and rich life.

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