Alone With the Creator

Автор: Nahman from Braslav, rabi

Издательство: Breslov Research Institute


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Номер по каталогу: 03104000
Cтраниц: 88
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Compiled by: Doron, Erez-Moshe, r.
Translated by: Milavsky, Chaim
Editor: Veksler, I.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 9x1x13


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The brochure says about one of the basic tips of Rabbi Nahman - self-prayer, a conversation with the Almighty. "Through prayer you can come to all the good that in all the worlds!"

"Judaism does not require separation from the world.
On the contrary, all its laws - is a guide for people in real life in society. And just as a person needs in the community, it needs at least to the same extent, in time, he will remain alone with him, to comprehend his way, feel what is happening inside and accumulate "spiritual fuel" for a renewed and more mature approach to life.
About this idea a lot of talk in Breslevskom Hasidism, and it is called "privacy" (idbodedut - Hebrew).
"Find yourself a day - says Rabbi Nachman of Bresleva - better late at night, go out in the woods or in a field or Lock yourself in a room ...".
There, you will meet with privacy. There you can listen at first, perhaps, in the sound of the wind or the birds singing, to peer into the wonderful nature and within ourselves. See the flaws in your life, and get over yourself, in a harmonic relationship with the world and its Creator.
Indeed, as we have already mentioned, even at the first meeting with the "privacy" come to a man a lot of new experiences. He could feel the tiny face of the forces and the beauty of the surrounding and filling the Creation, to see that something is missing, perhaps longing for something unknown. Opened a crack in the "clear" picture of the world of man, and of these questions are based on the meaning and purpose of his life.
Why should I live?
What is the general - life? Where does it lead?
Who is the Creator? How strong is my relationship with Him?
And if people want to run away!
Back under a warm blanket, a mirage confidence
close loved one, a smiling face, talking and laughing ... Simply put everything familiar to him. The main thing - to forget.
Fled - escaped. Apparently he's not brave. But the rest, eager to learn the secrets of silence, solitude and giving to wash away the layers of makeup on his face, discovers something. An echo of the inner voice. Voices of the World, far deeper than the watery appearance. Dormant truth wake up and ask for implementation.
So you can start ... "(excerpt from the book).

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