Anguish of Jews. Twenty-Three Centuries of Antisemitism

Автор: Flannery, Edward H.

Издательство: Krugozor



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Номер по каталогу: 09536000
Год издания: 2001
Cтраниц: 398
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Translated by: Belenky, Mark
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x3x21


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This book is a true encyclopedia of anti-Semitism , written by a Catholic priest . First published in 1965 , the book , Flour Jews " was recognized by Christians and Jews, the most important work, to describe and explain the phenomenon of anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S. . Second edition includes two additional chapters . The first examines the events years 1960-80 , in particular , the situation in the Middle East . second explores the deep roots of anti-Semitism and analyzes the impact of Judaism and the State of Israel on the contemporary Christian thought .


(1965 )

First motivation for writing this book had a personal experience. Several years ago I was walking along Park Avenue in the evening in New York in the company of a young Jewish couple . Behind us, beamed a huge illuminated cross that Grand Central Building exhibits every year at Christmas . Glancing over his shoulder , the young woman seemed to be sympathetic to the Christians , suddenly said : " This cross makes me shudder , as a diabolical presence" .

Her agitated comment sparked my many questions , and among them is this: how could cross the ultimate symbol of love, become a symbol of fear and diabolism for this young Jewish woman ? Soon it became clear that her reaction was the fruit of the knowledge of the enormous suffering of his people at the hands of Christians for many centuries .

Since I first encountered the problem of anti-Semitism. Discussion of the incident with people , make friends with Christians and Jews , led me to further discoveries . I realized that the Jews are very concerned about this problem because it is a large section of their history. The Christians , even highly educated , almost completely ignorant of the problem of anti-Semitism , with the exception of some recent events. The reason was simple elementary . Tragedy of the Jews was not reflected in most history books. For example , the section on the events of the Middle Ages , including the Crusades , does not contain even a mention of Jews , and Catholic dictionaries , the term " anti-Semitism " is missing. The conclusion is clear . Events so memorable for Jews expelled from Christian writings on history . In this sense, this book aims to restore the true historical record of these " lost " pages.



Chapter 1. antiquity
Chapter 2. The conflict between the Church and the Synagogue
Chapter 3. critical age
Chapter 4. change destiny
Chapter 5. this vale of tears
Chapter 6 . Oasis of well-being and ordeals
Chapter 7. ghetto times
Chapter 8. The struggle for the emancipation
Chapter 9. Racist myth and its consequences
Chapter 10. War War
Chapter 11. "Final Solution "
Chapter 12. "Red" anti-Semitism
Chapter 13. " Polite " anti-Semitism
Chapter 14. Last twenty-five years
Chapter 15. The roots of anti-Semitism
Adopted and Abbreviations
Afterword translator
Dictionary of names and terms
About the author and the translator

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