Anthology of Jewish educator. 14 volumes

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Ќомер по каталогу: 04222000
√од издани€: 2010
Cтраниц: 4480
ISBN: 978-965-7415-29-0
Weight: 8.10 kgs
Compiled by: Polonsky, Pinchas; Dashevsky, Zeev; Levitsky, Chaim; Kitrossky,
Editor: Parizhsky, Semen
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x22x30



The Bible tells the story of two brothers, Yaakov and Eisav, who become alienated from one another. Yaakov is forced to flee to escape his brother's wrath. He fears for his life. The narrative then takes a very surprising turn. We expect Yaakov to run far enough away for safety and then either prepare for battle with his brother, or map out a route to continue fleeing. Instead, we are told that he lies down to sleep, and he dreams. He doesn't continue running, nor does he arm himself. When faced with an uncertain future, he establishes a model for the People who will come from him: he dreams.

Throughout our history, we Jews have dreamed dreams. And we have transmitted the need to dream, and the possibilities inherent in dreams to the next generation through education. Wherever our People has settled, those dreams, and that need for education, has been at the center of our reality. We are taught that every experience we have, in our leisure time, at our meals, in our meetings, is an opportunity for study.

We hope that this anthology will help inform the dreams of the Jews who will use it in their native tongue. It is designed to introduce them to the Jewish calendar, to Jewish concepts, to Jewish community, and much more, in new and provocative ways. The goal is not to give answers, but to prompt questions. The goal is to give a taste of the rich Tradition we Jews have inherited, and to inspire those using it to search for more.

The framework is the informal educational network. Others will provide curricula for schools. This anthology is for use in a Jew's discretionary time, when he or she voluntarily participates in communal life for his or her own personal enrichment. It is designed to make the values of our People come alive and speak to each of us.

It is our hope that this anthology will make its own significant contribution to the development of the life of Jewish communities in the Russian speaking world.

Asher Ostrin
Director, CIS program,
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

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