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Издательство: Shvut Ami


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Номер по каталогу: 05021200
Год издания: 2010
Cтраниц: 140
Weight: 0.14 kgs
Translated by: Katz, Alexandr
Editor: Vasserman, Tsvi
Language: Russian, Hebrew, Transliteration
Cover: paperback
Format: 12x1x17


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Prays for a different cases of life.

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This collection of prayers for various occasions was the first publication of this kind in Russian. Its purpose - to help the Jews and the Jewish soul of all ages pour out before the Creator of the world, to do more advanced dialogue with the Creator. Needless to say much about the importance of such a book, you can only note that its success has surpassed all our expectations.

Now is the time of the 2nd amended edition. It added 24 new prayer, which will substantially increase the reader to turn to the Creator for help in solving life's problems. In this book has retained its compactness and ease of use.

Let us not forget that the Jewish tradition considers prayer the main means of dealing with both personal and national problems!


Prayers for the welfare of
A. Pray for her husband's wife
Two. Prayer for the upbringing of children
Three. About the welfare of children
4. Prayer for subsistence
Five. The prayer of finding a spouse
6. The prayer of finding a spouse
7. Prayer for success in the study of Torah
Eight. Prayer for themselves and posterity (There was)
9. Road Prayer
10. About bestow good luck and health
11. Prayer for success
12. Prayer for success (There was)
13. About finding inner peace and hope
14. Pray for happiness
15. The success of the business
16. Two prayers for success in the affairs of
17. Judge people for the better.
18. Get rid of the doubts
19. The prayer of finding a decent home
20. The Means to Success
21. Prayer at the graves of the righteous
22. Prayer for the purity of speech
23. On escorted eyes and ears
24. The prayer of children of parents
25. To relatives back in the way of the Torah.
26. That children do not sin
27. On escorted and success
28. Prayer to the lighting of candles
29. Prayer after lighting the candles
30. Prayer for the bride on the day of hoops
31. Tool to find the lost
32. Prayer for Peace

Prayer for deliverance from adversity
33. Prayer against the evil eye (Pele yoets)
34. Prayer against the evil eye (Hida)
35. The remedy for the evil eye
36. Prayer against anger
37. Pray against the pride
38. Pray against the heavy dreams
39. Prayer in any trouble
40. The remedy for all ills
41. On the commutation of sentences of heaven
42. Pray for the prisoner
43. Removal of bad thoughts
44. To break a bad start

Prayers in time of danger
45. Protection in time of danger (Psalm 91)
46. Protection in time of danger (Shema Yisrael)
47. An amazing tool on p. Chaim of Volozhin.
48. On faith and trust in Gd

Prayer for Health
49. On health promotion
50. Prevent disease
51. Prayer for healing
52. Prayer for a sick
53. Prayer against headache
54. Before calling a doctor.
55. Before taking this medication or procedure
56. On the longevity

Prayers during pregnancy and childbirth
57. On the conception and birth of children
58. Prayer in pregnancy
59. Pray for her husband's pregnant wife (Hida)
60. Pray for her husband's pregnant wife (B. tfila)
61. Prayer for the woman in childbirth
62. Prayer of mothers at the entrance to the hospital
63. Tool for easy delivery
64. Gratitude after birth

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