Body and Soul. Kashrut in the Modern Kitchen

јвтор: Koritz, Michael; Koritz, Sima

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√од издани€: 2010
Cтраниц: 432
ISBN: 978-0-86639-028-6
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Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x3x24


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.The most complete collection of the laws of kashrut in Russian. Modern kitchen with its machines, restaurants, errors and solutions.

Body and Soul - Kashrut in the Modern Kitchen, will teach both the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher - all the whys and how to's of kosher. It will educate the reader that keeping kosher is an extraordinary experience with countless physical and spiritual rewards.

Kashrut, is a most basic Mitzavh, one that physically cleanses our bodies, according to G-d’s desire and applies to every day of our life.

The reader will be able to set his/her own pace, advancing through kashrut, one day at a time. The reader will learn everything from the origins of kosher law to how to bring kosher practice into their daily life. The publication contains everything one needs to launch their personal path to kosher observance, and will assist Russian Jews, both in the lands of the former Soviet Union and in the Russian-speaking Diaspora live kosher with greater understanding and deeper satisfaction.


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