Book And Jews

Издательство: Institute for Jewish Studies



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Номер по каталогу: 04087000
Год издания: 2005
Cтраниц: 114
Weight: 0.15 kgs
Editor: Gisser, I.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x1x20


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The "Studies in Education" brochure series represents the participants' lectures in the pedagogical readings seminars, organized by the Institute for Jewish Studies (Steinsaltz Institute) in Israel and in the C.I.S. This brochure is dedicated to a very current and important subject - "The Book and its place in Jewish Education and Culture". The articles concern the different and varied aspects of the subject, such as the attitude to the book in Jewish tradition; the function and importance of the book in the Jewish education in general and in the C.I.S. in particular; reasons and circumstances regarding the difficulties in the development of teaching the Bible in Jewish schools in the C.I.S.; the historical importance of Scripture in the relations between Judaism, on the one hand, and Christianity and Islam, on the other; stages in the destroying of the Jewish book in the Soviet Union, reading patterns of Jewish teachers in the C.I.S.; drawing art in manuscripts; attitude to the book among immigrants from the Soviet Union; others.

from the Editor
Selected Hasidic parable
A. Shteynealts Jews and books
J. Schneider Book of Jewish education in the USSR
J. Schneider against the Jewish teachers of the Book
B. Landsman Children's book in the traditional family
We Gershovich role of the book in Jewish culture
I. Dworkin book and the people of the book
Yaglom Manuscripts do not burn
X. Falcon Reading the book
I Utevsky Fine Arts in Jewish religious books
Ya Yuniverg World of Jewish books in the light of Bibliophilia
The book of my life
Participants say the program "Byte le-Midrash"

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