Book of Jeremiah. 2 volumes

јвтор: Gurfinkel, Frima

»здательство: Jewish Book



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Ќомер по каталогу: 01070207
√од издани€: 2010
Cтраниц: 633
ISBN: 978-965-7412-30-5
Weight: 1.21 kgs
Translated by: Gurfinkel, Frima
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x6x22


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with commentaries of RaDaK

Foreword by Rabbi David Kimhi

Among the books of the Prophets, this book is located after Yeshayau Books. Interpretation to it, I too was once interpreted the Book of Yeshayau. However, the sages of blessed memory possessed Prophets in the following order: Joshua, Judges, Sh'muel, Kings, Irmeyau, Yehezkel, Yeshayau, the Twelve (Minor Prophets). Such a procedure, they explained that the book ends with the destruction of the Kings, which the book is devoted entirely Irmeyau at the end of book contains Yehezkelya comfort and Yeshayau book entirely devoted to consolation. Thus, the destruction of close to destruction, and comfort next to the consolation. And yet all we've seen the lists of verified (Tanakh), which in different years were written in Spanish, Book Yeshayau related to the earlier period, in front of the Book Irmeyau, which is located in front of the Book Yehezkelya. For a book to be Yehezkelya Book of the Twelve (Minor Prophets), in the same place (the end), which they take the sages, although their number is entered and those who preceded in time Irmeyau and Yehezkelyu. Each of these prophecies are not formalized in a separate book to a small volume would not be lost, but they are included in one book together with prophecies Hagayya, Ze'har'i Mal'ahi and who were the last prophets and their prophecies were too small by volume. In interpreting this book, I will interpret verses in need of interpretation, and words that need clarification, but I will not be interpreted consistently verse by verse, as he did in relation to the Book Yeshayau, but just as I interpreted the previous four books (the first of the Prophets ).

Three prophet prophesies in one generation: Irmeyau, Tsefan'ya and Hulda. The sages said that Irmeyau prophesied in the squares, Tsefan'ya - in houses of worship, and Hulda - among women. So, I'll start with him who teaches human conduct.


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