Book of Joshua with commentaries of Rashi and Abravanel

јвтор: Gurfinkel, Frima

»здательство: Jewish Book



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Ќомер по каталогу: 01070208
√од издани€: 2011
Cтраниц: 328
ISBN: 978-965-7412-33-6
Weight: 0.61 kgs
Translated by: Gurfinkel, Frima
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x3x22


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In treatise Nedarim [326] the sages taught that, if not for sins, the children of Israel would have received only the five books of the Torah and the Book of Joshua in view of the dignity of the land of Israel. They constitute a kind of "Six-Volumes". All Prophets mainly expose the sins and the only book Yehoshua in the absence of sin is not deprived of its value.

Unlike other books of the first prophet Joshua book is devoted to one generation. These are the sons emerged from Mizraim, who won the land of Israel and entered into possession of it. On this generation, says: "And Ex-Rael served the Lord all the days of Joshua and all the days of the elders, lasting days after Joshua, and who knew all the Lord's act that he was what he did for Israel" [24, 31]. In the book of reports of only one sin, committed by the individual, Akhan, and one of unjustified suspicion of wrongdoing. In this regard, the Book of Joshua has no similar among all the books of the Tanach. Generation, selflessly serve the Lord, the promised performance was awarded to people in the Torah: "Do not fell anything just kind of utterance that the Lord has spoken the house of Israel, - all came to pass" [21, 43].

Closely related to the Pentateuch, the Book of Joshua is the logical conclusion of his many meaningful lines, formally opening a book the first of the prophets.

Image of Joshua, a devoted disciple and associate minister of Moses, known from the Pentateuch, according to the will and the dictates of Gd comes to the fore. Yehoshua is reminiscent of, and much different from his teacher, wonderfully complementing it and completing his mission: the great student completes started a great teacher.


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