Book of Our Heritage. 1 Autumn holidays. volume

Автор: Ki-Tov, Eliagu

Издательство: Avida



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Номер по каталогу: 04060101
Год издания: 1991
Cтраниц: 340
Weight: 0.64 kgs
Translated by: Eterman, A.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x3x25


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Become a classic book of the famous popularizer of the Jewish tradition of the Jewish calendar, its memorials and their meanings.

"The Book of Our Heritage" - is a comprehensive encyclopedia of Jewish life and traditional spirituality. The author, a distinguished thinker and a famous popularizer of Jewish values ​​in the most accessible form introduces readers to the intellectual and spiritual riches, the coating of the concepts of the Jewish calendar, its holidays and special dates. A detailed exposition of the laws and customs of the holidays, a description of their origin and the philosophical and mystical ideas connected with the Jewish annual cycle, the texts of classical Jewish sources, the reference to the folklore and humor, makes "The Book of Our Heritage" an inexhaustible source of knowledge about Judaism, customs and traditions of the people. Sefer Gatodaa - the book is not only useful and practical, but also, really interesting and exciting. No coincidence that it was a book for family reading in Jewish homes, where they speak different languages ​​and have different customs, and the most important educational tool in schools of different levels, in the synagogues and Jewish communities.


Preface to the English Edition
Chapter One
Tishrei - Rosh Hashanah
Month of Tishrei and its name
The first of Tishrei
The day when the moon is hiding
One witness is not enough
Start deeds Tzoim
"HELL" - days that never has to Rosh Hashanah
Rosh Hashana - always two days in a row
Day of Judgement
Sins Against merit
What is the Day of Judgment
The holiday, which does not read "Gallel"
The first night of Rosh Hashanah
Torah reading on Rosh Hashanah
Shofar sounds and their meaning
How to blow the shofar. How to hear the shofar
One hundred tube sounds
Shofar - the last defense
Blessings associated with the Shofar
The call for mercy
Shofar: correct your actions!
On Saturday, do not blow the shofar
When blow the shofar
We write it down in the Book of Life
Prayer Days of Awe
"Reign", "Reminders" and "Shofar"
Ten statements, the Ten Commandments, and ten praise
Anyone who remembers the forgotten
Forget that Rosh Hashanah - the beginning of the month
"Musaf" - in the hour of mercy
"We acknowledge the holiness ..."
Dream on Rosh Hashanah
The second day of Dec. Hashanah.
"Eruv Tavshilin"
Chapter Two
Ten Days of Awe and Yom Kippur
Fast of Gedaliah
From new moon to the tenth of Tishrei
Ten Days of Repentance
Prayer in these days
Righteousness and peace
To part with sin
The strength of remorse
Adam, Ahab
Between people
Repentance - lifetime
Sons confer the merits of the fathers
Prayer Children
"Shabbat Shuwa"
Back to God
The prayer on the eve of Yom Kippur
Food on the eve of Yom Kippur
A dip in the "mikvah"
The parting meal
Five bans
From the book "Adam Haya"
White Cloth
Prayer "Zack"
"Kol Nidrei"
What is the "Number Nidrei"
"Blessed be the glory of His kingdom forever and ever"
Joy Confession
Torah reading on Yom Kippur
"Paracha Arayot" and "Jonah Gaftarat"
Commemoration of the shower
Danger to life
The order of service in the Temple
Office of the high priest
The place for all
The story of the Roman
When there is no Temple
Name - from the mouth of the high priest
About the bows
Five prayers
Closing the Gate
Chapter Three
Holiday of Sukkot
From Yom Kippur to Sukkot
Holiday of Sukkot
Outside of Eretz Yisrael - two holidays
Seven Commandments holiday
The busy Commandments
The commandment of bitches
Female, and not a house
Sukkot - in Tishri, not Nisan
As in the days of the Exodus from Egypt
Construction of a bitch
Dimensions bitches
Beauty Bags
Stayed bitch
Light Candles
Blessing of the holiday
Under the shelter of the Most High
Heavenly guests' ushpizin "
The order "ushpizin"
"Ushpizim" - the shepherds of Israel
"Ushpizim" - pastors around the world
"Ushpizim" of flesh and blood
Give to the poor belonging to it
All the best - the Almighty
The book "Zohar" - about "ushpizin" heaven and earth
The lesson of hope
Four against four
"Four Species"
How to keep the commandments
Selected plants
"Nekashernye" plants
The love of the commandments
Decoration of the commandments, not decoration commandment
It is impossible to fulfill the commandment, violating another
"Four Species" and the four parts of the Jewish people
The purified from sin worthy of Unity
"All my bones will proclaim"
As the entire Torah
The altar of atonement
Libation of water
The joy and excitement
Joy vodocherpaniya
Joy and honor
The joy of returning to the roots
Seventy feasts
Ishmael and Esau
"And you shall rejoice in your feast"
Laws holidays
The joy of the commandments, not physical pleasure
"Yom Tov" and Saturday
"The course gamoed"
Saturday at "cold gamoed"
Chapter Four
Gosh and Shemini Atzeret
The order Goshanot
Gosh Rab
The essence of this day
"I am all - Prayer"
Seven against seven
"Me and He - save the same!"
How to perform this custom
Before dark
Shemini Atzeret
Feast was over
When the verdict is sealed
Prayer for Rain
Wonderful power of Rain
Simchat Torah
The cycle of Torah reading
"Four elbow" Halacha "
Over time
The customs of Simchat Torah
"Yisru Hag"
Blessing of the month
Saturday "Genesis"
Chapter Five
Rosh Chodesh
Rosh Chodesh - the beginning of the month
Halakha from Moses at Sinai
The basis of holiness
"This month - you"
Work on Rosh Chodesh
Some legal Rosh Chodesh
"Gallel" read standing
Torah reading and the "Musaf"
Calendars - sun, the moon and the Jewish
Nineteen-year cycle
Two days of Rosh Chodesh
Full and partial months
New moon
The sages of Rosh Chodesh
Chapter Six
Cheshvan (Marheshvan)
Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
Cheshvan - Marheshvan
It will be made up!
Sanctification of the Moon
Meeting of the "Divinity"
Blessing of the Moon
Days of Lent - "BaGaB"
The request for rain
A great gift
Open treasure chest
The trust builds trust
Positions in case of drought in Eretz Yisrael (the treatise on Ta'anit)
Death of Rachel
"Small Yom Kippur"
Chapter Seven
Month of Kislev
Month of Kislev
The holiday of Hanukkah
Chanukah lights
As they lit
Where they are lit
When they are lit
Who are their Kindles
The laws of Chanukah
The customs of Hanukkah
Day Updates
Torah about Chanukah
Why eight days?
Inextinguishable light
Wonderful fixtures
Impartial court
The war of light against darkness
Greek kingdom
Beauty becomes ugly
Miracle uprising
Measure for measure
Hanukkah and Purim
Questions and Answers
"This Hanukkah"
Completion of the holiday
Why is Hanukkah and Purim is not "doubled" in the Diaspora
Chapter Eight
Month of Tevet
Month suffering
Translation of seventy
The handiwork of Gd
Tough day
Departures from the text
Six obligatory fasts
Tenth of Tevet
The suffering of the besieged
Post redemption
Expulsion, not rejection
The laws of fasting
Post public and personal
Dates of posts
Eight chapters
Fast days and days of fun
Chapter Nine
Saturday "Shira"
Song of the Universe - from the mouth of Israel
Award birds
Tu B'Shevat
"New Year" - on a weekday
Prayer for the etrog
How blessed fruit
To the glory of Eretz Yisrael
Eretz Israel precedes creation.
Selected earth - the chosen people.
Even in the devastation of Eretz Yisrael is the blessing of the Almighty.
The fruits of Eretz Yisrael proclaim release.
And the mountains and valleys of Eretz Yisrael fine.
Land flowing with milk and honey.
When Moshiach.
Four chapters
Between the heads of
"The head of scale"
"The Sabbath" scale "in the synagogue
Medicine - before the disease
About coercion
Why the half-shekel
Priceless redemption - for a small price
Fiery coin
Israel's unity
The pursuit of the commandments

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