Book of Proverbs with commentary by Rashi and RaDaK. 2 volumes

Author: Gurfinkel, Frima

Publishing House: Jewish Book



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Catalog number: 01070213
Year: 2013
Pages: 520
ISBN: 978-965-7412-42-8
Weight: 0.93 kgs
Translated by: Gurfinkel, Frima
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x5x22


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The Book of Proverbs with Rashi's and RaDaK commentary 
Book of Proverbs (סֵפֶר מִשְׁלֵי, Sefer Mishlei), one of the three books of the Bible, representing the wisdom literature, is included in the section of Scripture (Ketuvim). Unlike the two other books - Job and Ecclesiastes, with their critical search for wisdom, the book of Proverbs - didactic essay, provides a practical, moral and religious guidance to young people. Proverbs includes heterogeneous material, formed during the development of the ancient tradition. These collections have been used in schools of professional teachers of wisdom (cf. Eccles. 12:9-12). Objectives and methods of teachers identified in verses 1:2-6: the development of the mind and nurture the spirit of ethical principles through parables or proverbs (Meshal), warnings (melitsot) aphorisms sages (Divrei Chachamim), puzzles and questions (hidot). Basic setup of the teacher stated in 1:7 and 9:10, "The beginning of wisdom - the fear of God, and only fools despise wisdom and instruction", "The beginning of wisdom - the fear of God and the knowledge of the Holy - the mind."

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