Jewish Book Fair

Jewish Book Fair in your community

In two ways, we are one: In our essence, and in our character. In our essence, we are all one soul, with one source. In our character, we are all complimentary of each other, none of us complete, each one contributing what the other lacks, each one adding his touch of perfection to his fellow. Like a massive jigsaw puzzle, we fit together to make a single perfect whole.
None of us is perfect without all the rest of us. And all the rest of us are incomplete when a single individual is missing.

Bringing Heaven Down To Earth. 365 Meditations From the Teachings of the Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson

For USA and Canada cities only!

Do you have a Russian-speaking Jewish families who have not yet mastered a Hebrew in your community? Do you plan the big holiday party or invite lecturers on Judaism and wish to enrich the program?

Invite a book fair to your community!

Jewish Book Fair in your community

The publishing house and store of the Jewish book in Russian will come to you with classics and novelties in the world of the Jewish literature!

We will help to create an advertising flier for your event, will send color posters on books of our publishing house and will send invitations in social networks of the Internet.

Jewish Book Fair in your community

You can make the list of books that you wish to see on a book fair. Choose on, send your request, and we shall bring the Jewish book in Russian to your community!


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