Brief Story of Jews

Автор: Dubnov, S.M.

Издательство: Feniks



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Номер по каталогу: 09010400
Год издания: 2008
Cтраниц: 430
ISBN: 978-5-222-13315-6
Weight: 0.41 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 14x3x21


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This book covers the huge period of history of Jewish people since the most ancient (bible) times till XIX century inclusive. It included the chapter, the devoted histories of people during and up to the end of the Persian sovereignty, time of the Greek sovereignty in Judea, medieval history and a modern history of Jews in the Europe.

The book will be interesting to the broad audience of readers.

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In the first part of this book presents the most ancient (" Bible "), the story of the people until the end of Persian rule ( 332 before the Christian era). The second part contains some ancient and medieval history of the Jews in the East, from the beginning of Greek rule in Judea, to the decline of the Babylonian center ( up to 332 hr. Era - 1040 Mts. Era). The third part covers the medieval and modern history of the Jews in Europe.

In the spelling of proper names of Jewish author adhered commonly understood in Russian pronunciation of the Hebrew , where this was possible without abrupt departures from the conventional ways of transcription. In this case, if not in use in the text form of spelling, if they consumed significantly vary a lot from are placed in parentheses at the first mention of the name.

table of contents

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Part I. The most ancient ( biblical ) history

Chapter 1. Stories about the ancestors of ( the patriarchs ) of the Jewish people
Chapter II. The Israelites in Egypt
Chapter III. The Israelites in the desert
Chapter IV. The conquest of Canaan
( About the XIII century. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter V. time judges
(XII-XI centuries . Before Mt. Era)
Chapter VI. The reign of Saul
(1067-1055 gg. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter VII. The reign of David
(1055-1015 gg. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter VIII. king of Straw
(1015-977 years. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter IX. Kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the first century after the death of Solomon 977-830 years. to Mt. AD)
Chapter X. Social and spiritual life of the Jews in the era dvutsarstviya
Chapter XI. Last century dvutsarstviya
( 830-730 years. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter XII. The Jewish kingdom under the rule of Assyria and Babylonia
( 720-586 years. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter XIII. Exile
( 586-537 years. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter XIV. Judea under Persian rule ( 537-332 years. Before Mt. Era)

Part II. Pobibleyskaya history of the East

From the beginning of Greek rule in Judea
until the end of the era of Gaon in Babylonia
( Up to 332 hr. Era - in 1040 after Mt. Era)

Ancient history and the era of the Talmud

Chapter I. Judea under Greek rule ( 332-167 years. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter II. Hasmonean wars of liberation ( 167-140 years. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter III. Judea under the Hasmonean dynasty
( 140-37 years. Before Mt. Era)
Chapter IV. King Herod I and his successors
( '37 To Mt. Era - 6 , after Mt. Era)
Chapter V. The dominion of the Romans in Judea
( 6-66 years. Mts. Era)
Chapter VI. The war with the Romans and the fall of the Jewish State ( 66-70 ).
Chapter VII. From the destruction of Jerusalem to the Bar Kochba revolt ( 70-138 years ).
Chapter VIII. Patriarchs and schools in Palestine before the conclusion of the Mishnah ( 138-200 years ).
Chapter IX. The Jews in Palestine until the termination of the power of the Patriarchs
( 200-425 years ).
Chapter X. The Jews in Babylonia before the conclusion of the Babylonian Talmud ( 200-500 years ).
Chapter XI. The Jews in the East until the end of the era of Gaon (500-1040 gg.)

Part III. Middle Ages and modern times in Europe

Middle Ages

Chapter I. Jewish communities in Europe before the Crusades (500-1096 gg.)
Chapter II. Jewish revival in Arab Spain
(950-1215 gg.)
Chapter III. The Jews in Christian Europe during the Crusades (1096-1215 gg.)
Chapter IV. Century martyrdom of lawlessness and the expulsion of Jews from France (1215-1394 gg.)
Chapter V. Last century the Jews in Spain (1391-1492 gg.)
Chapter VI. The Jews in Poland and Russia
(XII-XV centuries . )

new time

Chapter VII. Jews in Turkey and Palestine to decline sabbatianstva (1192-1750 gg.)
Chapter VIII. Jews in Western Europe
from the XVI to the XVIII century
Chapter IX. The Jews in Poland and Russia
(XVI-XVIII centuries).
Chapter X. Transition time
(1750-1795 gg.)
Chapter XI. Overview of the most important events XIX

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