Автор: Doktor, Yakov


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Editor: Yoffe, Ella Ruchama
Language: Russian
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This book is slightly open in front of you a wonderful treasury of Hasidism. You will learn the stories of life and spiritual legacy of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhenska, author of "Noam Elimelech" צק "ל g and his brother, Rabbi Meshuloma Zusia of Anipoli צק"ל city


To the Reader 5
Part One
Beginning of the road 9
Part Two
Galut 21
Part Three
Rabbi Meshulam Zusya of Anipoli 53
Part Four
Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk 83
Of the spiritual heritage of Rabbi Elimelech
140 תפילה קודם ז / פילד,
Prayer before a prayer 142
147 ד"עעטיל ל / ע;
Little note 153

This book probably would not have been if not for the previous book - "Through the eyes of the righteous." Given an order not to be ungrateful and share those treasures, which, in His mercy, without any merit on my part, God has given me, I decided to translate and publish the book "Kdushat Levy" Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev. On it I got a lot of responses, of which I saw how big the interest in Hasidism, and there are not enough people to the light that he carries. During that time, I was asked several times to keep writing, arguing that such books are now needed. Therefore, with God's help, I decided to continue my experience and introduce you to the heritage of the two holy saints - brothers Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk, author of "Noam Elimelech" זצק"ל, זי"ע and Rabbi Meshuloma Zusia of Anipoli זצק"ל, זי"ע.

In the book "Brothers" includes stories from the life of the righteous, and the translation of the famous "Tseitl akuton" (Small note) Rabbi Elimelech and his "prayer before prayer."

Every nation has its legends. According to what and how to talk to each other people can understand - feel the soul of the people, to see what these people live. Jews have always been telling people, storytelling is an integral part of our national culture. And the basis for this tradition serves us the Torah.


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