Business in Aramaic 67 golden rules

Автор: Abramovich, M. L.

Издательство: Feniks



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Номер по каталогу: 04174200
Год издания: 2009
Cтраниц: 154
ISBN: 978-5-222-15185-3
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Language: Russian
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In this small book provides a unique business rules, created by ancient sages of many years ago that a surprisingly modern and relevant than ever for businesses of XXI century.
So maybe that is why these rules are transmitted to the genes from one generation of Jews to another, can create huge financial condition?
This is not written in the textbooks on marketing, but the vast majority of the world's business elite observe the golden rule, as set out in this book.

Administration or travel back centuries
Rule 1. Let your fellow property you will be just as expensive as their own
Rule 2. Do not buy stolen goods
Rule 3. Do the good deeds
Rule 4. Do not be lazy to be generous
Rule 5. Do not lie
Rule 6. Give with joy
Rule 7. When a person says, "I'm hungry"
Rule 8. Do not waste time
Rule 9. Stay away from the bad neighbor
Rule 10. Do not say anything if you have nothing to say
Rule 11. Limit your anger, angry only adverse circumstances
Rule 12. Favorably judge all human actions
Rule 13. Return lost
Rule 14. As long as the candle burns
Rule 15. Not "steal" other people's thoughts
Rule 16. When you do not give alms - the greatest charity
Rule 17. Give me the money in tough times
Rule 18. Always greet the other person
Rule 19. Jewish ethics question: what is "lyashon a-ra"?
Rule 20. Tzedakah - is more than just charity
Rule 21. When should I tell what I heard?
Rule 22. Protection of justice
Rule 23. Everyone deserves a word of thanks
Rule 24. He who learns from the interlocutor at least one chapter
Rule 25. Please acknowledge the source of information
Rule 26. Who is rich?
Rule 27. Shun unrighteousness
Rule 28. Do not charge interest
Rule 29. Do not force people to lie to you
Rule 30. Do not ask the impossible of people
Rule 31. Do not insult their enemies
Rule 32. Stealing time - the thief, as well as stealing money
Rule 33. What if today you can read his obituary?
Rule 34. Pay employees on time
Rule 35. Duties of the employee in front of his employer
Rule 36. Even if you disagree with any point of view, listen to your opponent
Rule 37. You should not say what you think
Rule 38. With respect for their employees'
Rule 39. There are no free lunches
Rule 40. Sometimes it is necessary to give more than enough, if you really
want to give enough
Rule 41. Is your spiritual work?
Rule 42. It is not enough to feed the hungry
Rule 43. The employer needs to know how he lives his employee
Rule 44. Before the death of the day
Rule 45. Do not keep malice
Rule 46. The limits of self-sacrifice
Rule 47. Go and gather the feathers
Rule 48. When you need to step aside
Rule 49. If someone wants to kill you, kill him first
Rule 50. When you need to come earlier
Rule 51. About the self-love
Rule 52. A person should not be too generous.
Rule 53. Do not consider yourself elected
Rule 54. Having the power to be gentle
Rule 55. Do not strive to fulfill the mitzvah for others
Rule 56. Learn to say "I want"
Rule 57. Your blood is redder?
Rule 58. Let your word, not an oath obliges you
Rule 59. Never insult another person
Rule 60. The worst form of stealing
Rule 61. Unfair competition
Rule 62. Plan your life
Rule 63. Reward yourself for good work
Rule 64. Put a specific purpose
Rule 65. Refer the case to others
Rule 66. Evaluate their actions
Rule 67. The balance of life

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