Business in Jewish 2. Business ethics of the wise and wealthy

Автор: Abramovich, M. L.

Издательство: Feniks



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Номер по каталогу: 04175002
Год издания: 2007
Cтраниц: 157
ISBN: 978-5-222-12420-8
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Editor: Oksana Morozova
Language: Russian
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Business in Judeo-2: Business Ethics wise and wealthy.
Judaism - not just a religion. And not only the teaching of philosophy and morality. First of all - it is a law regulating all aspects of the individual and society as a whole. It is necessary to represent the psychology of Jews in business, to understand what prompted this or other actions. Many of the commandments of the Jewish "Labor Code" and you can borrow. But borrowing is not just an "envelope", and to know and understand what is behind each rule, each adjusted for centuries line.


History of Jewish businesses in the Middle Ages "Handbook" Jewish businessman

Rule 1. The meaning of life indicates the Torah
Rule 2. Righteousness is compatible with a wealth of
Rule 3. Serve God, even in the little things
Rule 4. Only God owns the world
Rule 5. Wealth can be dangerous and tempting ....
Rule 6. Money - not a goal but a tool
Rule 7. Do Good!
Rule 8. "Tzedakah" - no mercy, and justice
Rule 9. Charity should have limits
Rule 10. Prayer is practical
Rule 11. The criterion of righteousness - the behavior in business
Rule 12. If a product defect - report it to the buyer
Rule 13. How to get rid of suspected fraud in the conduct of trade
Rule 14. Do not make the difference in transactions with a Jew and non-Jew
Rule 15. Do not try to give the "marketability" to sell products
Rule 16. Lend money on a holiday, if necessary to preserve a client
Rule 17. Money in growth: permission and not an obligation
Rule 18. Bring gently competition
Rule 19. How to dispose of the money received by accident on a secondary payment
Rule 20. Who owns perevyruchka?
Rule 21. Do not do wrong to the extent of weight in the dimension
Rule 22. The penalty for false weight or measure
Rule 23. Do not catch a purchase
Rule 24. Does not sanctify God's name is other people's money ....
Rule 25. Bust or shortfall in the payment of undesirable
Rule 26. You can not "push Mezhuyev" when renting houses
Rule 27. The finder of anything - is obliged to return
Rule 28. Whether the debtor is obliged to pay the heirs?
Rule 29. Do not steal people's favor
Rule 30. If you bought a stolen item
Rule 31. Do not turn away from duties and taxes
Rule 32. Can the builder make a Jew according to Jewish eaten in secret by the court to pay his fee
Rule 33. Having promised gift - Dari
Rule 34. How to choose between two buyers
Rule 35. What is causing the loss mediocre
Rule 36. Leket, sikha and YAP: whether to leave the ears on the field?
Rule 37. Do not play
Rule 38. Do not distort the law for the stranger
Rule 39. Even the enemy take kindly
Rule 40. Do not cheat Gentile
Rule 41. To be honest - favorably
Rule 42. Any discovery - testing, infused over
Rule 43. Do not put obstacles in front of the blind
Rule 44. Make a joyful labor
Rule 45. Remind yourself that you - not a slave
Rule 46. Observe the Sabbath
Rule 47. "... Speak unto the children of Israel, that they were going! "
Rule 48. Take care of workers
Rule 49. "On the same day lend him his hire ..."
Rule 50. The employee does not have to steal time from the employer

The application. Great Jews

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