Business in Jewish. From scratch. Ten stories of $ 1 000 000

јвтор: Abramovich, M. L.

»здательство: Feniks



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Ќомер по каталогу: 04175001
√од издани€: 2008
Cтраниц: 155
ISBN: 978-5-222-12-884-8
Weight: 0.14 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 13x1x20


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Business in Jewish from scratch. Ten stories of $ 1 000 000.
Before your new book. The information which it contains, you can combine the idea of "Business in Jewish from scratch. It is available: explain the basic laws concerning the opening of business directly to Israel, as well as the traditions of Jewish business ethics, which for thousands of years and which affected the formation of the economy in the world. Our book can also be called "collection of stories: stories of success, ups and downs of famous companies and individuals of Jewish businessmen.
On our "historic meeting" made famous by Jewish businessmen of old and current times. Each of them had the charisma and thus approach to business, which we may call a purely Jewish. Everyone had a point of reference, the same "zero", where it all began. Sometimes it was a successful meeting, sometimes - the idea, insight, sometimes - coincidence.
We hope that reading will be for you exciting and useful.

The introductory chapter
Chapter 1. Joseph Suss Oppenheimer: the rays of a rising star. XVIII century
Chapter 2. It all starts with an idea
Chapter 3. Venture in Hebrew: the creation of companies "from scratch" - contribute to the future
Chapter 4. ICQ and Google: all brilliant - just
Chapter 5. Traditions Jewish Business Ethics
Chapter 6. Starting a Business in Israel: Questions and Answers

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