Business Under Jewish law. Pocket Guide Entrepreneur

јвтор: Smagarinsky, Ilya

»здательство: Gesharim


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Cтраниц: 150
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One of the greatest Jewish sages past generations - Chazon Ish (1878-1953) in his book "Faith and Hope" writes: "Just as it is impossible to keep the Sabbath without knowing its laws, it is impossible to comply with kosher without the knowledge of the relevant alahot, so it is impossible to be protected against theft and robbery without a study of the laws of the relationship between people. One of the major advantages of the person - the love of justice and respect for the laws of the relationship between people. After all, what is the theft and robbery - is not determined subjectively, and the laws of the Torah. All that is against the law - it is stealing, even if the person on an emotional level do not think so. "


Usually, the drafters of the foreword not argue with the author. To do so is not accepted.

However, in violation of the traditions start with this. With objections to the author, who wrote in his preface that "the book is designed primarily for businessman working in" non-Jewish "space." Because I believe that the book you hold in your hands - is incredibly important. It is useful, and most importantly - is needed not only to those who are engaged in business, but - everyone thinks, serious man, Jew and non-Jew.

I will try as much as possible briefly explain its position.

We all grew up in the field of European culture in its "Russian version". This means that in our view the real life of man is, in fact, three components: work (including business), family, leisure.

Moreover, the concept of "Activity" includes, inter alia, to a greater or lesser (or - zero) degree, and religion.

Ours, the Jewish world, opens up an entirely different view of the essence of human existence.

People - more precisely, his soul goes to terrestrial space for correction, and a better world. This goal should be present in all directions and spheres of life and activity.

Common, and often - and specific guidance and instruction for successful participation in the improvement of the world we find in the laws and traditions of the Jewish way of life, covering all areas.

Sometimes our laws contain very clear instructions how to act, sometimes - give some general recommendations. But always - very important, defining all of our lives, including our work, including conduct of business in the business, in all its aspects.

If a person, not as a businessman, believes that has no relation to the business, he - is mistaken. Because there are no people who do not have to deal with business and businessmen. Each of us almost daily purchases goods and uses a variety of services. If not directly, then at least discussing certain business-related activities.

Therefore, we all need to read this wonderful book.

But what do I care, says a non-Jew to the Jewish religion, Jewish laws and customs in business?

And something will be right. He does not need to perform a certain number of prisoners in this book recommendations. However much it will help him to become more elevated, a lighter person.

And besides - will give him the opportunity to get acquainted with the inner world, with the traditions of the people, the children of which coexist with it. And in particular - in total for all of us labor relations, procurement of goods and services, financial transactions. Help to learn and understand so important, but rather "vague" sphere of moral and ethical business issues. And not the "eyes of the philosopher," but - on the basis of what was said in the Torah itself, in the teachings and wisdom, open to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai over three thousand (!) Years ago.

Here is I got "objection" Ilya Smagarinskomu, the author of this remarkable book.

And now - a blessing to him. And wishes to continue doing the comprehension of Torah - to develop this topic and maybe make a few more equally important and necessary books.

In passing, I note that the answers to many more questions related to the business "from the point of view of the Jewish tradition," can be found in numerous materials site and in the "Ask the Rabbi" (the answer of the day), and in the "Ethics ". Anyway, enough to enter the window of search engine online word "business" to get hundreds of materials. For example - "In our country, hard to have an honest business", "How to grow your business?", "Friendship and business relationship", "Once again on the" network marketing "," etc.

In conclusion, I want to wish all the readers of the book "Business as part of the Jewish Law," get in the process of reading pleasure and intellectual make practical use. This book can give both.

Eliyahu Essas, a teacher of Torah,
founder and editor in chief
Table Of Contents

Eliyahu Essas. foreword


1.Zakony of ribite

The concept of species and ribitol
types of ribitol
Rent apartments and rental items
hiring employees
How to borrow foreign currency
Use of collateral and things without the owner's consent
Lending operation, services and money between friends

2.Kuplya sale under Jewish law

Commodity price and "Jewish" profit
Overpriced and related
Rights and Restrictions
Disputes about the price
Credit purchase
Buying an apartment in credit
Advance payment (prepayment)
Prepayment goods incomplete readiness
Situation when allowed to do an advance payment
price discounts
The legitimacy of the network marketing system
Cancellations deals
Kinyan and the real deal

3.Finansovye transactions between individuals and legal entities

Loans in order to lend to a third party
Taking partners bank loan
Investing through an intermediary
different situations

4.Eter-claim; lending of money in circulation

The essence of Eter-Suit
The operating principle of Eter-Suit
Loans for personal expenses and of the commandment
Requirements for the contract "of giving into circulation"
Ribitol in Jewish banks (overdraft)
Examples of situations ribitol

5.Zaprety, limitations and ethical standards in business

Saturdays and holidays prohibitions and restrictions
doing business
Restrictions on doing business in the Jewish
Ethical business practices
Extrajudicial and judicial dispute resolution
The prohibition of "stealing knowledge"

6.Vozmeschenie property damage in the Jewish Law

The general concept
Place the bull in property damage
Intrigue PIT
vicissitudes FIRE
Direct damage and its derivative
Standard situations of property damage

7.Otmena debt per year Shmita

What is the year Shmita
Cancellation of debt in the year Shmita
Rules for compiling prozbola

optimistic epilogue

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