Case for Israel

Автор: Dershowitz, Alan

Издательство: Knijniki



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Номер по каталогу: 09158011
Год издания: 2011
Cтраниц: 478
ISBN: 978-5-9953-0112-7
Weight: 0.44 kgs
Translated by: Chernina, L.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 13x3x21


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Book by Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard University is dedicated to an analysis of the most common accusations against Israel (in violation of human rights, racism, judicial arbitrariness, inadequate response to the terrorist attacks).

The author consistently refutes each of these allegations and concluded: Israel - the rule of law in the Middle East and one of the most democratic countries in the world today.

From the Publisher:

The book is a Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz, that you hold in your hands, first published in English for more than seven years ago. Its main theme - the Arab-Israeli conflict and its evaluation by the media and lead-forming Western intellectuals.

Seven years - quite a long time for a book written on the current political topic, often directly on the heels of some events. In the seven years from the political scene came off such important and prominent figures like Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat, and while the Palestinian Authority, headed was relatively moderate politician - Mahmoud Abbas, in Gaza for four years in power group "Hamas", recognized by terrorism, even among Arab states. In fact, completely sunk in the past plan "road map" to which the author placed these hopes. Arab and Jewish territories shared the "security fence" is probably one of the most controversial works in the history of the state. Finally, the sixth time since independence, Israel joined the fighting developed into a full-scale war. The conflict that accompanies the Jewish state ever since its inception, continues.

And we should not forget that the constant use of force to Israel's security is its own citizens, for the same use of force of Arab terrorist organizations - the destruction of as many of these individuals and, potentially, destroy the Jewish state as such.

Nevertheless, Israel continues to be the most severe criticism of virtually any, even the reasonable defensive action. His initiatives aimed at reducing tensions of the conflict, do not get support. In this meet and the Islamic fundamentalists and Western left-wing intellectuals and organizations as diverse as "Hezbollah" and "Amnesty Interneyshl."

What is the reason that the actions of one of the state of law in the world, and certainly the freest state in the Middle East, meets with rejection and a lack of understanding?

In his book, eminent scientist, Professor Dershowitz attempts to answer the question, who profits 'double standard' in assessing the actions of Israel, where the roots of his opposition to the western part of the intellectual elite. Perhaps some of the author to someone will seem controversial or too passionate, but no doubt his book for a long time (and unfortunately!) Remain valid.


from the Publisher
1.Yavlyaetsya whether Israel colonial , imperialist state?
2.Vytesnili that European Jews Palestinians ?
3.Bylo whether the Zionist movement a conspiracy to colonize all of Palestine ?
4.Is the Balfour Declaration in violation of international law?
5.Byli the Jews opposed the partition of Palestine ?
6.Pravda Did the Jews have always rejected the proposal for the establishment of two states ?
7.Pravda Did the Jews have used the Holocaust ?
8.Byl whether the partition plan proposed by the UN , is unjust to the Palestinians ?
9.Byli the Jews
minority in the territory of the future of Israel?
10.Stali whether suffering that Israel has inflicted a Palestinian , the root cause of the Arab- Israeli conflict ?
11.Byla a war for the independence of Israel's expansionist aggression ?
12.Sozdal whether Israel Arab refugee problem ?
13.Nachal whether Israel Six Day War ?
14.Byla whether undue Israeli occupation ?
15.Vinoven to Israel at the beginning of the Yom Kippur War ?


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