Central Asian Jewish Cuisine

јвтор: Itunin, Tatyana

»здательство: Ahaz



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Jews for many centuries of life of other nations have learned to speak different languages ​​, but also enriched the culinary culture ability to prepare a range of dishes.

Modern Israel - it's not a huge cooking pot where all the food turned into a single mass, and a lot of small pots with an abundance of flavors prepared dishes .

In section offers recipes representing the culinary culture of immigrants from Central Asia.

You can learn the art of cooking traditional Central Asian dishes: pilaf Bukhara , Uzbekistan Siauliai ( boiled rice with lamb ) , Kazakh mantle ( steam dumplings ) , Tajik kavurdoka ( myasoovoschnogo stew ) , a variety of soups , salads , casseroles ...

In section also includes several recipes of non-native Central Asian nations - Tatar and Korean dishes .

All recipes kosher ( correspond to Jewish tradition ) .

Next to the name of the recipe , if necessary , indicate one of the marks , " meat ", " milk " or " Parve " (neutral) .

Many of the recipes involve the use of sheep fat - data meals should be eaten only in hot and only drink hot beverages , to ensure the normal cleavage in the body. Kurdjuchnyj fat can be replaced with vegetable oil.

vegetable salads
Dessert and fruit salads
Entrees of meat
Dairy entrees
Meat and offal (meat )
Fish dishes
Vegetable dishes , stuffed vegetables
Pilaf , porridge
Sauces and Dressings

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