Chumash with Ramban's commentary. Dvarim

Издательство: Pardes


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Номер по каталогу: 01006105
Год издания: 2012
Cтраниц: 304
Weight: 1.10 kgs
Translated by: Katz, Alexandr
Editor: Patlas, Tcvi, r.
Language: Russian, Hewrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 22x3x28


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DVARIM with basics of faith and principles of Judaism according to RAMBAN's commentary on the Torah

From the Publisher

So, completed five books. How can we thank for this Creator? It has been seven happy years of intensive work next to the Great Rambanom.

This last book of the Torah is called Devarim "Words." These are the words of the great prophet, our teacher Moses delivered in the last 36 days of life. But, as stated in the Code of Mishneh Torah, the people who insist that even a single word in the Torah, Moses wrote of himself, called "apikoresom" ie denying the foundation of the Jewish faith. So, and this book from the first to the last letter of the word of the living Gd.

How do we explain this contradiction?

This you will learn from the Ramban's commentary provided in this book.

Sages taught that the ark of the covenant he was carrying those who had the honor to carry. Something similar we felt while working on the Pentateuch with selected Ramban's commentary.

In Soviet times, letters were often sent "on demand." By sending the letter, the person did not know whether it will be, or not to read. How fortunate that our books were in demand! For about six months continuously distributed questions when, finally, there will be the last book of Deuteronomy.

Completing a great joy. But sad. It's also a farewell. Seven years of life, seven years of discovery and joy of comprehension. According to our teacher, the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, in our world there is something that does not exist in the next. This is an opportunity to share their joy with others. And it was the pivot and meaning of our work.

And in closing, I want to quote Ramban, which he ends his commentary on the Pentateuch: "So, completed five books. Thousands of blessings and thanking the Creator, which is a great mercy has given me realize that what I want is my heart "

Editor in Chief, "Pardes"
p. Zvi Patlas

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