Conversations by Rabbi Nachman of Braslav

Автор: Nahman from Braslav, rabi


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Номер по каталогу: 03060000
Год издания: 2011
Cтраниц: 352
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Translated by: Kogan, Moshe
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x2x22


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Dear reader, the book you hold in your hands, you can probably call an introduction to the teachings of Rabbi Nachman. For the first time this book came out (not completely) after the death of Rabbi Nachman (1810) in one volume with the book "Sipura maasiyot" ("Tales of the events"). But the main rabi book - "Likutei Mogaran", part one, came out in his lifetime. Many of the lessons contained in it, Rabbi Nachman wrote his own, and the rest wrote Rabbi Nathan (except for individual lessons outlined in the book as written "with the words of friends").

Feature of this book is that its title (the vast majority) are not learned in the full sense of the word, the data in a certain set time. It's the conversations that students have heard from Rabbi Nachman during trips, nature walks, various visits, bedtime, etc. In contrast to the lesson "Likutei Mogaran" in most conversations is not a typical design "Behinot" (concepts), of which Rabbi Nachman built a huge building your own lessons, and spoke directly about his journey in the service of God, looking at the world and man.
With a vast knowledge in all areas of Torah and at the same time being able to rise to the true saints of comprehension, Rabbi Nachman was also the greatest connoisseur of the soul. Being familiar with both light and dark sides of the inner world of man, Rabbi Nachman in his books confidently leads him in the stormy sea of ​​life to his one true goal-approximation to the Creator of the universe with the help of the commandments of the Torah. The contradictory nature of human nature, caused by the struggle of sophisticated aspirations, the holy souls and desires gross material body, as well as lack of understanding of human processes occurring in it, very often, unfortunately, become lukewarm to the cause of serving the Almighty, or its abandonment, not Gd forbid. Such questions and answer books of Rabbi Nachman, giving practical and affordable tips on how to get through the emotional turmoil and confusion, without getting lost and not getting off the track. As once said Rabbi Nathan: "Our teacher Moses taught us that it is necessary to perform, as Rabbi Nachman taught us how to perform (ie, how to come to execution)."
It should be noted that the conversations in the book, were conducted in Yiddish - the language of East European Jews, so the scribe, Rabbi Nathan, repeatedly quoted Rabbi Nachman himself in Yiddish in the Hebrew text. (The fact that the original language was Yiddish conversations, extremely strong effect on the understanding of the book, and its translation into Russian had to work hard to capture and convey the essence of some passages, despite the fact that, at first, inexperienced, eyes, sense seems to be clear).
Talking about any of the books of Rabbi Nachman's teachings, it is impossible not to mention its main copyist, editor and publisher - Rabbi Nathan, who, although he was a great Torah sages, the righteous and the man most well-versed in the teachings of Rabbi Nachman, refused to take after his death post "Rabbi" (AdMoRa), remains forever a student. Thanks to him, and we have the opportunity to explore the legacy of Rabbi Nachman and implement his advice.
In conclusion, I would like to say the following. Conversations of Rabbi Nachman and his advice mentioned in this book - it's not only the conclusions of the wise man built on a thorough analysis of primary sources and experiences. A careful reading of his books, and books about the students it becomes clear that we are talking about a person, make an indescribable efforts in keeping the commandments of the Torah, which radically changed for the better qualities of his character and desire to conquer the material, with the aim of bringing to the Creator, the man who as a in the body, is honored to be spiritual! Therefore, in the words of Rabbi Nachman, the study of his books gives an opportunity to touch the light of those great spiritual worlds, to visit which he was awarded the Rabbi.

Yes, God help us fulfill the tips given in this book, to serve him in every way, truly and sincerely!

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