Cooking... in Hebrew (dictionary of culinary terms)

Автор: Zak, Rina

Издательство: Mercur


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Номер по каталогу: 13112000
Год издания: 2003
Cтраниц: 160
Weight: 0.26 kgs
Editor: Sarah Sarig
Language: Russian, Herbrew
Cover: paperback
Format: 19x1x14


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The book you hold in your hand, was born quite unexpectedly for me, as if by itself, regardless of my plans and ideas. The story of her birth is: for many years in the publishing house "Merkur" prepared for the exit of the book cooking recipes in Russian of various Israeli authors, whose mother the fact that they all became best sellers in the "Hebrew Street": "Kitchen Shuly "" meal of Jerusalem - 3000 years "," Jewish cuisine Shmulik Cohen, "From the kitchen Levan - favorite dishes Israelis" ... In the process of translating these books on healthy and delicious food ", it became clear that many of the names of ingredients and spices that" Israel's ear, "sees no difficulty, it is impossible to find in any dictionary. And if they have, it soon becomes clear that in fact it is a completely different concept. In search of the true names of various spices and other some "encrypted" components of the recipes I have appealed not only to authors of books, but also to the chief-of-Vary-known restaurants and small cheap eateries (Jewish and Arab), re-read the mountain of literature on culinary theme, plagued with questions gourmet, tried everything, but also sometimes made difficult devel-oped at least describe the taste of the mysterious ingredient. Often these searches seemed to me a sort of detective investigation, where the "offender" must always be called by name, because without this recipe for other dishes or meaningless.

In the end my hand was such a large amount of material that I could not leave it only for my "internal use". Glossary of terms used in the preparation of any dish, as if he demanded to give it to the wider range of people. It is not just to be able to understand the recipe from those that are printed on the pages of Israeli books, newspapers and magazines. Each new immigrant, arriving in Israel, has always faced with the problem: what is written on the bottle or carton? How to translate into Russian rather succinctly described on the packaging method of cooking a particular dish? Which components are part of this alluring product?
I sincerely hope that these and many other questions will help answer your attention the proposed culinary Russian-Hebrew dictionary "Cooking ... in Hebrew, in which you can easily find previously unknown words. Note: when a term can be translated differently in bold the most frequently used options, if any.

Rina Zak
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