Death of Atheism. Public, rigorous, Mathematical Proof of the Existence of a Creator

Автор: Seydel, Leonid Arye



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Год издания: 2013
Cтраниц: 266
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Language: Russian
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.Here is an amazing book. It excites, arouses many questions, makes a person think about the most important.

The author - a scientist who , like many of us was an atheist , leading a mathematical proof of the existence of the Creator.

His evidence was moderated by Professor of Mathematics University of Jerusalem .

The book is written in a lively language, the proof itself , as well as many complex philosophical doctrines and concepts set out in a clear manner , accessible to any reader ...

editor in chief
publishing " Pardes " p . Zvi Patlas

"... Even a tiny gene 500 nucleotides can not samosintezirovatsya in the universe. And what to speak of closed into a ring chromosome , which is many thousands of times its length, other components of the cell ... But if there is a living cell and could not be created by itself , then it is the Creator ! And he certainly could not be created by itself in the universe. This means that he must " be ", " to be " outside of the universe , which, of course , does not rule out that he may penetrate inside. Natural to assume that He existed before the universe ( before the Big Bang ) ... "

Author Leonid Arie Seidel

from the preface

So for myself I have nothing good to publish this book, do not wait . Radical leftist fighters for a bright future enlightened humanity and obolgut okleveschut , izoblichat and expose ignorant jerk and they do not get used . So I pulled so much and with the writing of this book. But I can not see bolna1 as a huge number of intelligent and educated people sincerely believe themselves to be atheists , because de that science has proven that there is no God . And I understand them perfectly , he more and better half of his life was like that. Here's to them , and this book is written .

The author has set himself the main task to present said proof is simple and is available at all without sacrificing mathematical rigor . The task is not easy , but doable because, fortunately , the structure of the proof does not require a compromise between mathematical rigor and accessibility. Evidence must be available for a person with incomplete secondary education , for the most " hardened " humanitarian and housewives, long has forgotten that mathematics , which she took in high school. The book , therefore, is divided into six parts.

The first part is devoted to a proof of the methodology . The proof itself is given in the second part . In order to understand the reader requires knowledge of four arithmetic operations : addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Some rules of elementary algebra , such as , for example, in the construction of integer power operation and with degrees that are poorly prepared and the reader can forget partially , author
torus in a very accessible way to remind him . Will be very accessible and explained some of the most elementary principles of probability theory. Therefore, the author hopes for understanding and indulgence more prepared for the reader , for example , an engineer who can show that the statement is too stretched and all too " chew ."

In the third part of a prepared and the interested reader will find absolute proof of insolvency R.Dokinza hypothesis about " replicating genes ", a discussion on the state of probabilistic estimates of fundamental hypotheses in molecular biology , as well as the bright prospects of science without atheism. It also contains all the formulas conclusion , the evidence and discussion of any and all terms and statements used in the proof , in the most simple and accessible way , so that nothing needs to be taken for granted.

In the fourth part for the advanced and the interested reader is discussed absoluteness of mathematical proof , in itself and in light of the problems with the foundations of mathematics . We also discuss the question whether describes modern mathematics material world around us all in a form readily available to the reader - Intelektual gummanitariya . We present and discuss a number of important and interesting ( in my opinion ), philosophical, and other aspects of this and related issues.

The fifth part discusses the question of the unity of the Creator, of the purpose of creation, provides a brief history of the Jewish people and the history of Christianity and Islam.

The sixth part is proved " Face" of the Torah discusses Testament prophecies about vechosti Creator with the Jewish people and some other interesting questions.



Part 1 - Introduction
Atheism and Darwin's theory of evolution
Methodology for proving the existence of the Creator

Part 2 - The proof of the impossibility of highly improbable events
Some basic information of algebra and arithmetic
Some basic facts from the theory of probability
Proof of approval: a random event with a probability of 10-160 can not happen in the universe
The notion of very low probability events
Samosinteza impossibility of living cells

Part 3 - The proof of insolvency hypothesis R. Dawkins
Derivation of the formulas used in the calculations
Science without atheism
The science of life on Earth Sciences of the Universe

Part 4 - The absoluteness of mathematical proof
Mathematics does not describe ( not described ) the material world around us
More about infinity and the related issues
Achilles and the tortoise
flying arrow
Foundations of Mathematics and absoluteness of mathematical proof

Part 5 - The unity of the Creator
A few words about the purpose of Creation and the monotheistic religions

part 6
The Torah is not a product of the human mind
The Torah and the Prophets that the covenant with the Creator's chosen people ( the Jews ) is eternal and never will not be changed

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