Diary of the Rebbe Rayats

Автор: Schneersohn, Yosef Yitzchak, of Lubavitch, Rebbe



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Номер по каталогу: 03181002
Год издания: 2009
Cтраниц: 152
Weight: 0.20 kgs
Translated by: Shpunt, Zeev
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x1x21


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for the first time full translation is published!
HASIDUT in Russian (parallel translation: Hebrew-Russian)

Description of the background situation for writing the book "Kontres umayyan" by R. RASHAB


 Table of Contents

Anxiety about the Jewish people. The law "Pale of Settlement" and the hatred of the Jews.
Confronting fierce hatred
The Moscow meeting. Businessman-gooder
False libels
Exciting and characterful appeal
Blessed travel, business and meetings
Holidays release 10 and 19 Kislev 5662, the
Itvadut Rebbe 10 Kislev
Eve of the 19th of Kislev
Letter Rebbe "Kislev 19, as the" head of the year for hasiduta "
Strengthening the faith and spirit Hasidim. Slonim Rebbe Lubavitch
Demand for the message Rebbe about 19 Kislev
The organization "Haskalah" against the Jewish Education
According to the figures, the work is hard
Rebbe upset, but do not back down from the fight
The Rebbe encouraged by the outcome of the struggle
Friendly letters associates
The establishment of the organization "supporting faith" in Russian
Letter about "supporting the faith" is ready to be sent. Reaction to the announcement Kislev 19 "head of the year for hasiduta"
Slander, arrest, defense. Libels "Haskalah"
A visit to the holy Ohel
Interrogation of the secret police
Resolution of the police after his arrest
The agents of the secret police in the yeshiva
Detractors caught on what slandered
Rest, thought and reflection after the arrest, investigation and surveillance. Check out the cottage in Serebrianka
Experiences after the incident
Spiritual case
The situation is complicated. Invasion of the police
Cancel danger. Looking for than to win.
Getting ready for the big itvadutu
Letter Rebbe "Establishment of the Organization
supporting the faith "
The explosive argument between the director and the Rebbe
provincial management schools
The fight against the Zionist ideas
The findings of all the above Zionists
Different reactions to the Rebbe's letter regarding the establishment of the organization "supporting the faith" -
In the current work
Silent-old man from the settlement
Participants in the society "early starters"
Lunch with Grandma
Growth study hasiduta
Maamar as a gift for his birthday. Start
"Kontres Umayyan"
Wishing a merry celebration. Proclamation "chaim"

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