Dictionary. Blessings and Damnations on a Yiddish

Автор: Guri, I.

Издательство: Gesharim



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Год издания: 2005
Cтраниц: 276
ISBN: 5-93273-204-0
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Editor: Grinberg, M.
Language: Russian, Hewrew, English
Cover: hardcover
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About kind and malicious wishes in a yiddish

Also has told Balak Bilamu: " That you have made with me? To damn enemies I have brought you, and you bless! " (the book of numbers 23, 11).

Is better to wish goods itself, it is rather than malicious to another (yiddish's a proverb).

The given dictionary is the first attempt in yiddish's lexicographies to collect and describe kind and malicious wishes as the folklore genre rather widespread in a yiddish.

The term " kind and malicious wishes " is a little bit unusual. In a yiddish and a Hebrew its equivalents are taga, tutr, however these words mean also blessings and damnations. Malicious wishes differ from terrible bible damnations. In comparison with damnations in a Torah which threaten with heavy disasters to those who does not observe fidelity to the God, malicious wishes in a yiddish are basically expression of short-term, passing anger. However, these expletives happen at times sharp enough.

At other people the emotional pressure is removed by means of vulgar, obscene expressions. Unlike them Jews of the East Europe facilitated soul not abusive abuse, and malicious wishes, rather picturesque and frequently comic.

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