Discont Dictionary: Russian-Herbrew, Herbrew Russian (with Russian transcription)



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Ќомер по каталогу: 13098000
√од издани€: 1991
Cтраниц: 188
ISBN: 965-326-001-4
Weight: 0.06 kgs
Editor: Podolsky, Baruh ; Uval, Ezry
Language: Russian, Herbew, Transliteration
Cover: paperback
Format: 4x2x24


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This dictionary contains 3000 words, goes through a series of dictionaries produced by our publishing house: the dictionary of 500 words, a dictionary of 1000 words and a dictionary of 25,000 words.

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We wanted to focus in this dictionary most common words, knowledge is necessary in everyday life. The dictionary includes the main verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech, which can be often found in newspaper articles, listen to the radio and who-used in colloquial speech. You will find in the dictionary as the basic language structures and simple expressions and basic concepts of Judaism. And all this under 3000 words.

We hope that our dictionary will help the holders in their first steps in learning a new language.

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