Duty of the Living

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Ќомер по каталогу: 04049000
√од издани€: 1997
Cтраниц: 177
Weight: 0.32 kgs
Compiled by: Polonsky, Pinchas; Kitrossky, Miriam
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 17x1x24


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The book has insignificant rubs out on a cover

The Jewish traditions of funeral and mourning. A statement of corresponding laws and traditions with an explanation of the ideas laying in their basis; prays with translation and explanatories.


From the Editor
Dedication: Reb Avromu Moeller "
Introduction to Diaspora Jews
Introduction: The Jewish attitude to life and death
Chapter 1.Povedenie present at the death
Chapter 2. The basic principles of Jewish law's funeral
Chapter 3. In what relatives and when observe laws of mourning
Chapter 4. Rules of Conduct relatives in the period from the moment of death until burial (Onen)
Chapter 5. The order of the funeral
Chapter 6. Shiva - the main period of mourning (for seven days after the funeral)
Chapter 7. Shlosha (thirty days of mourning)
Chapter 8. Mourning over the years for grieving the death of a parent
Chapter 9. Kadish
Chapter 10. Installation of the monument on the grave
Chapter 11. What if people found out about the death of a relative late or for other reasons is not performed in time the laws of mourning
Chapter 12. Yortsayt (anniversary of death)
Chapter 13. Yizkor (memorial service)
D-1. Life and death
D-2. From the moment of death to the funeral: some details
D-3. Mourning Shiva: some details
D-4. Reburial
Rabbis on the life of the soul after death and the resurrection of the dead, the Rambam (Maimonides), the Mishneh Torah, 3akony of teshuvah, Ch. 8 The Ramban (Nachmanides), "Sha'ar Ha-Gmul" (excerpts)
Rav Y.-D. Soloveitchik's death and the laws of mourning
From denial to approval by sitting shiva does teshuva
Excerpts from the article "Man of Halacha"
About funeral speech (hesped) - from "The Memory Rebets Talne"
APPENDIX 2 - Preparing the body for burial: wash and shroud
APPENDIX 3 - Prayers
APPENDIX 4 - Addresses funeral societies in Israel

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