Dvar Malchut. Volume 1. Bereshit

Автор: Shneerson, Menahem-Mendel, r.

Издательство: Geula



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Номер по каталогу: 01126000
Год издания: 2011
Cтраниц: 200
ISBN: 978-965-7478-40-0
Weight: 0.68 kgs
Translated by: Gotsel, M.; Lebedev, Vladimir
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: paperback
Format: 17x3x24


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We will present to Russian readers the first attempt to translate the famous speeches Rebbe 5751-5752 period (1991-1992 gg.), Is published under the title "Dwar Malchus," which can be translated as "King of instructions."

Indeed, the latter statement, we are still honored to hear from the Rebbe (and which we believe will begin again on a regular basis to hear from him his full disclosure as Moshiach), were entirely filled with the wonderful and majestic words of the Head of generations, the King of the House David, the turning point of history in which we live, when the darkness of Exile and cover-ups are already retreating when the world begins to emerge innermost essence of the Creator and all the details surrounding the life of visible results of activity of Moshiach. These statements reveal the deep background of the Rebbe all around us and the global world events, and teaches us how to behave, who was born in the last generation of exile and the first generation of Liberation, under these conditions, turning the time of Creation. It is clear that these words of the Rebbe are extremely valuable for every person living on earth and we are delighted that from now on they will be available in its original form and is not abridged Russian-speaking readers.

Weekly performances Rebbe based on a thorough analysis of the Torah and the holy texts require careful study of his understanding and skills to work with papers on Hasidism. Untrained reader is almost impossible to adequately penetrate their mysteries without an experienced Hasidic mentor. You also need to warn you that this transfer, though as close as possible to the original text, however, given the specificity of the language of the Torah, by definition can not include all the original depth and dimensionality. The purpose of this transfer only facilitate the study of these texts in the original, leaving room for an extended commentary of the teacher.

For the same reason we do not have to supply a translation of the publication of numerous footnotes to the text of the Rebbe, and links to primary sources, but only 'marked in the right places number of footnotes in order not to complicate the novice students learning process, every second, sending them to the books, does not exist yet, unfortunately , in Russian translation, but giving himself a teacher to reveal the meaning of these links and comments.

We have no doubt that the real translation of "Dwar Malchut" is not ideal. Even after checking the text of the two rabbis who know, we are still receiving various comments and clarifications from the people who study the test publishing some articles here in our weekly Hitachi. But as they say, must be able to put a full stop. However, we look forward to your help, dear reader. Tell us about your observations and recommendations for the next edition. We must take note of them and will do everything we can to work with this book was the most useful and productive.

Here is a translation of the first volume of "Dwar Malchus," commented the head of the first book of the Pentateuch - Genesis. We look forward to the upcoming release of the remaining four volumes of this edition, you are working at the moment. However, we believe that even in this first book of a large army of Russian-speaking readers will appreciate "what's what," and imbued with the thoughts of the Rebbe.

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