Family Law

Автор: Aptekman, Avi

Издательство: Isradon



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Номер по каталогу: 07048000
Год издания: 2007
Cтраниц: 128
ISBN: 978-5-94467-058-8
Weight: 0.12 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 13x1x20


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"Member of the Israel Bar Association - Lawyer Avi Aptekman now manages a private lawyer's office. Was an intern at the Magistrate's Court of Jerusalem, Judge Yoel Tzur. Commentator on legal issues on television and in newspapers. Proposed new book is the first reference book on family law of Israel, which is published in Russian language.

* What is the difference between the marriage contract and the agreement of the divorce?
* When it comes to issue marriage in Cyprus?
* Why does an action for divorce filed in the rabbinical court, and not in court for family issues?

These and many other questions will tell you the book, which contains specific recommendations for an experienced lawyer. "

table of contents

  Chapter 1. Marriage: prohibited marriages, mixed marriages, civil marriage
The traditional Jewish wedding
  Chapter 2. civilian spouses
  Chapter 3. Family court
  Chapter 4. Rabbinical court and the "clash of powers" between him and the family court
  Chapter 5. The relationship between parents and children - child support, the agreement between the parents about the conditions of communication with children, parental disability, child abduction and the Hague
The relationship between parents and children
child support
The Hague Convention for the return of
abducted children
  Chapter 6. Physical and psychological violence in the family - the removal of one of the family members of the house
  Chapter 7. Joint property, the law on property relations between spouses, legal practices in the field of joint property, a prenuptial agreement on property
  Chapter 8. Disputes that go beyond the state border (international dimension of jurisdiction)


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