Feast and Meal in the Slavic and Jewish Cultural Traditions

Издательство: SeferIsrael



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Номер по каталогу: 09412000
Год издания: 2005
Cтраниц: 255
ISBN: 5-8125-0729-5
Weight: 0.38 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
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The collection "Feast and Meal in Slavic and Jewish cultural tradition" (17 th edition of the Academic Series, published by the Center for researchers and teachers of Jewish schools, "Sefer" and the Institute of Slavic Studies, RAS) includes materials of the same name of an international conference held in Moscow on 2 - February 3, 2005 '

The conference reflected the next step in the implementation of large-scale research project on intercultural Judeo-Christian dialogue, on which work began in 1995 D.1

Food code of ethnic and national culture is an essential component of the traditional picture of the world, visible cultural marker, and for meaningful self-identification, and for forming the image of "alien" in opposition to "own" in ritual and magical folk practices, as well as religious and ritual area. Food especially, the system of prohibitions and regulations, dating back to ancient times, the mutual interpretation of ethnic food traditions of their neighbors, the symbolism of the culinary code - a necessary condition for centuries of Judeo-Christian cultural dialogue.

The topic of "Feast and Meal" is covered in the book in ethnocultural, historical, ethnolinguistic, folklore-ethnographic and comparative-typological aspects.

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