Fiddle for Sholom or Paganini Caprice

Издательство: Jewish Community of St.Peterburg



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Номер по каталогу: 16034000
Год издания: 2002
Cтраниц: 62
Weight: 0.40 kgs
Editor: Frenkel, Alexander
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 21x1x30



Notes edition representing opera Petersburg composer Vadim Ryvkina . Libretto by Nikolai Gol . The publication is aimed at expanding the repertoire of Jewish children's theater studios , as well as children's theater at music schools .


Today it is difficult to imagine a situation : a boy , a babbling brook in the hearing , in the rustle of leaves - all surrounding sounds - singing violins , it literally delirious . He rushes towards the music, but strict father forbids him to even think about the violin , because for a Jewish boy is decent - not occupation. He must study in cheder , regularly go to the synagogue , in the future, become a lawyer , a teacher or , at worst, a tailor , not a violinist , music - it's for ragamuffins !

Children's opera " Skripochka for Sholom or Paganini Caprice " (music V.Ryvkina libretto N.Golya ) based on a story written SholomAleyhema " Violin ". Witty and fun , like teasing each other , intertwined in the music of this opera Jewish folk intonations , klezmer tunes and the famous A - minor Paganini Caprice , who inspired many composers of the past ( Liszt , Y.Bramsa , S.Paxmaninova , V.Lyutoslavskogo ) .

Brilliant music and accurate , expressive lyrics love first performers of the play - Children's Musical Theater "Kinder - Yorn ," which has been in existence for five years at the Hebrew northern communities downtown St. Petersburg . The opera was shown in the beautiful halls of the city on the Neva ( Small Philharmonic Hall , Siena Theatre " Wonderland" , in the House of Architects ) , and also in Chisinau, Moscow , Novgorod, Petrozavodsk , Pskov, and had success with the audience .

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