Fire Words

Автор: Glazerson, Matityagu

Издательство: RAZ-OT Institute


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Номер по каталогу: 06025300
Год издания: 1992
Cтраниц: 180
Weight: 0.44 kgs
Translated by: Spinadel, G.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x2x24


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The book opens not only a train of thought of our wise men, that in itself is extremely interesting, but also the latent connections between words and letters of sacred language which help to comprehend language in its depths.


Entry 7
Preface 8
Guide to the gematria of 10
1. Letters - a key to understanding the Torah 14
2. Language Science 17
3. The words of the same letters in a different order 64
4. Replacing letters shows the development of the idea, 72
5. Spoken and written word - means and purpose 81
6. The nature of the world 89
7. Words of identical letters in the same order, but different in meaning 94
8. Free will in the words .. 101
9. Crime and Punishment 107
10. The path to teshuvah 115
11. Ends and means, the cause and effect of the words 125
12. Attributes of God disclosed in the world and the man 138
13. Meaning of names 148
14. The names of animals 158
15. The Life and Death 165
16. Exile and deliverance 170
The list of sources by chapter 174


On the uniqueness of the Jewish holy language. Of Pardes Rimonim, Sha'ar ha-Otiot, Chapter 1.
Many assumed that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet - just symbols agreed upon between themselves wise men to pass their speech sounds. For example, the sounds are formed with the closing of the lips correspond to the letters: Beit, Vav meme, drink, and, like them, picked up the other letters. This assumption arose because in the languages ​​of other peoples of the letter, in fact, represent only a legend. In accordance with this view, between the Jewish and other alphabets, as it does between the Jews and other nations, there are no fundamental differences. The Jewish nation enjoys this form of letters because they coined Moses, whom they came in a minute inspiration.
Words, according to these people - just a way to convey to the reader the speaker's thoughts, and the written word, in short, is no different from oral. For example, a doctor who wrote a textbook on medicine, does not imply that the textbook itself will cure or treatment. He just wants to convey through this book, his views on health care. When the reader has learned the art of healing, the book he is no longer needed. And if a person, who for many years has studied the book and did not do well in doctoring, then it's unnecessarily wasting time and not at all though not perfected. And what's more, this doctrine even caused him harm because he has spent the time and effort for nothing.
And the Torah is for the people who hold such views, too, like this tutorial, its purpose - to reveal the inner meanings and processes necessary for the improvement of the soul, and if people do not sbrel necessary knowledge, then his classes (not Gd forbid) anything to him was not given.
However, this view does not correspond to the truth, for certain: the words of the Torah "enliven the soul" (Tgilim 19:8). In Witness the halacha - a decree that obliges every Jew weekly to read the relevant part of the Torah, and twice on
holy language, and again in Onkelos translated into Aramaic. As a result, three times a year should read the entire Torah, including those parts of the text, which, at first glance, do not matter - like the listing of names of places, such as Atarot or Divonne (Bamidbar 32:3). This is the perfection of the Torah teaches us: her letters and words have hidden inner meaning, spiritual strength and vitality.


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