First Steps in the Jewish Life

Автор: Kushnir, Asher

Издательство: Toldot Yeshurun


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Год издания: 2009
Cтраниц: 158
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Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
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Questions and answers

What in a daily Jewish life, and what is not? What is exactly to learn in Torah? How to find to itself a rebe? How to concern to a non-religious relatives? How to adjust relations in family?, etc.

Table of contents


Chapter 1. The first questions
Show you how to open the eyes of "misguided"?
I decided to live in the Hebrew! Where to start?
Do I need to leave the old life?
Since when I am considered religious?
How to correctly answer, why am I religious?
How to perform a mitzvah?
How to gain a foothold in the desire to observe the mitzvot?
When can ustrozhat performance mitzvot?
I have kept, and was starting a little bored
Whether to enter into a controversy with the infidels?
To which belong to the community, or the Lithuanian Hasidic?.
Do I have to move into a religious area?
To give a non-Jewish children in school?
I still keep a stack in your pocket and go in jeans
I started to break, but I can not leave the porn sites
How to distinguish charlatans Kabbalah?
Is it possible to go on holiday and to teach children to swim?

Chapter 2.Ravvin
Who is the Rabbi?
Who is the competent equal?
Why do I need a rabbi, if you have a computer?
Who and how to choose a rabbi? Where to find it?
Which is equal possesses great authority?
Consuming to equal freedom of choice and their opinion?
Where did the rabbis of the spirit of prophecy?
I want to talk to the rabbis from the heart

Chapter 3. Learning
And you can observe the commandments, and the Torah does not teach?
Which books to me as a Jew is to be taught?
I'm working. How to distribute the studies?
Whether to go to study in the yeshiva?
What should teach women?
In our area there are no lessons on the Torah. What to do?
Why prefer to teach Talmud, not prophets?
I do not know how to teach the Talmud?

Chapter 4. Husband, wife, children
Do not move with his wife at the same pace
His wife does not want to comply! How to influence it?
His wife does not want to cover his head, what to do?
My husband did not want to hear about Jewish life!
How to convince my husband to go to the lessons of the Torah?
How to get kids to become religious?

Chapter 5. Parents, relatives, friends
What are the arguments to convince people of the old school?
My religiosity leads to disputes with parents
How to get back home to the non-religious parents?
The parents did not take
Mom asks how long study in a yeshiva?
Close react nervously to my religious views
I fear that my family will feed!
Old friends are invited to a birthday party
Friends have decided to "save" be like?
Relatives insulted because I religious
My mother decided to have a birthday in the restaurant on Saturday
Uncle climb to kiss. What to do?
Did the son peot - mother-in-law just went crazy


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