Forefathers Dynamics. Part 2. Abraham

јвтор: Polonsky, Pinchas

»здательство: Machanaim


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√од издани€: 2011
Cтраниц: 254
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Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x2x21


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Part 2. Abraham in his Personal Development(chapters 12-23)

The second part of a series of "Contemporary Jewish commentary on Genesis," publisher "Mahanaim." "The two stories of Creation of the World" (to the chapters of Genesis 01.11 - Adam, Noah and the Tower of Babel) was published in 2009.

"Throughout human history there is probably no one would compare the degree of spiritual influence on civilization from the forefathers of the Jewish people - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not only Jews but also Christians and Muslims revere them as their teachers and the great saints who forged the way for humanity to God and created the concept of ethical monotheism. All the monotheistic teachings are often combined under the name "Abrahamic religions" - for the whole monotheism came into the world only through these fathers, there is no other way to monotheism over the entire period of human existence not occurred.

Who were these people, how could they reach such a level as they built the Jewish people and how advanced the implementation of its mission - and, most importantly, we can perceive from their histories to better understand ourselves, our culture and modern life Israel and the fate of Western civilization? - Getting answers to these questions lies in the stories of Abraham, the analysis is the subject of this book. "

Table of contents

Weekly sections of the Torah, "Leh Leh" and "Vayera."

Election, faith and monotheism
Torah study in light of the concepts of Kabbalah
Preface to the election of Abraham
The election of Abraham
Lot, Sodom, and the war with the kings
Covenant children, and Countries
Sarah and Hagar
The covenant of circumcision
Three Angel and the vision of God
The destruction of Sodom and Lot's daughters story
Abraham and Abimelech in Gerar
The birth of Isaac and Ishmael's expulsion
Abraham and Abimelech at Beersheba
Akedat Yitzhak (Isaac's Sacrifice)
Birth of Rebecca


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