Forefathers Dynamics. Part 5. Moses and Birth of a Nation

јвтор: Polonsky, Pinchas

»здательство: Orot Yerushalaim


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√од издани€: 2013
Cтраниц: 220
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Language: Russian
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"Forefathers in dynamics. Moses and the birth of the people "- the 5th volume of the series" Forefathers in dynamics "- commentary on the Torah, which is based on the teachings of p. IL Ashkenazi-Manitou and p. W. Shirky. This part examines the weekly sections of the Torah, "Exodus", "Vaera", "Bo" and "Beshalach".

There was so great a prophet like Moses , who " spoke with God face to face." It is the " Five Books of Moses " was the ethical and spiritual foundation of Western civilization.

However, this great man was just a man , and that means that he, too, there have been mistakes that he has come a long way. This path of personal development of Moses is the focus of our analysis.

Approach of " Forefathers in dynamics ", as outlined in our commentary , based on the teachings of Rabbi JL Ashkenazi - Manitou , the largest Kabbalist end of the XX century. It gives us an opportunity to take a fresh look at the biblical text and see its relevance to our lives, and is therefore one of the important directions of modernization of Orthodox Judaism in our time. 

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