Fossils and Faith. Understanding Torah and Science

јвтор: Nathan, Aviezer

»здательство: Ktav Publishing House


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Ќомер по каталогу: 03118000
√од издани€: 2001
Cтраниц: 352
ISBN: 0-88125-607-2
Weight: 0.58 kgs
Translated by: Wiener, Julia
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x2x23


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The book shows how far modern science affects religious belief. Professor Nathan Abiezer emphasizes that faith in God and the truth of the Bible is downright rejection of rational thinking. Quite the contrary modern scientific discoveries are becoming an important tool for understanding the various biblical episodes and thereby contribute to a more profound religiosity.

"Faith in the age of science," discusses the most significant aspects of religion, faith, prayer, miracles, free will, the emergence of humanity, life on other planets, the chaos, the interaction between God and the world showing how the latest scientific findings give new insight and a deeper sense of the enduring peace Torah.


Chapter 1. Faith and science era
Chapter 2. Age of the Universe
Chapter 3. The Anthropic Principle
Chapter 4. Creation of Man
Chapter 5. Evidence of the existence of God
Chapter 6. Evolution: what is the problem?
Chapter 7. God, science and free will
Chapter 8. Miracles: The natural and the supernatural
Chapter 9. Prayer and God's Providence
Chapter 10. Chaos, rain and the Bible
Chapter 11. Centenarians Genesis
Chapter 12. Up to one hundred and twenty!
Chapter 13. The spread of languages ​​and the Tower of Babel
Chapter 14. An erroneous interpretation of paleontological finds
Chapter 15. Science in search of human origins
Chapter 16. The evolutionary theory of Darwin
Chapter 17. He-Darwin's theory of evolution
Chapter 18. Darwinian Fundamentalism
Chapter 19. Is there life on Mars?
Commentators Bible
Author Index
Subject Index

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