Gadol from Minsk

Автор: Galperin, Meir

Издательство: Shvut Ami



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Номер по каталогу: 04097000
Год издания: 2001
Cтраниц: 280
Weight: 0.55 kgs
Translated by: Gluskina, Gita
Editor: Wasserman, Tzvi; Katz, Alexandr
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 17x2x23


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Biography of the famous Gaon Rabbi Yehudah Leib Yeruhama Perelman (1835-1896), known as the "Gadol from Minsk", was written by a person close to his family before the First World War. However, only in 1991 the existence of the manuscript became known descendants Gadol who discovered her, not without the help of miracles, in London.


Yeruham Rabbi Yehuda Leib Perelman (1835-1896) - Gadol from Minsk - was one of the most famous sages of his generation, known as the "generation of wisdom." The story of his life, written by a devoted friend of gadolinium, his "right hand" of Rabbi Meir Halperin is presented against the background of the key events of the era.

This book - a unique treasure of Jewish biographical literature. First of all, it contains a vivid description of the person Gadol and the main events of his life - from his childhood to his last days. In addition, the book is of great historical value - in fact the author introduces us to famous people and ordinary Jews of that era, talks about the importance and role of the rabbinate in the days when Thor ruled on the Jewish street. Plunge the reader into the life of the Jewish community of Brisk (Brest), Kovno (Kaunas), Selec, Pruzany, Minsk and other cities, visit the homes of exercises to get acquainted with the Jewish sages of that time. A slice of Jewish life in Lithuania is given in the heyday of the Musar movement (See the "House of garbage"), on the one hand, and the initial success of the Jewish "educators" who are trying to lead Jewish youth from the path of Torah, on the other.

Against this background stands the image of the hero of the book, which is being in the heart of the social struggle, only then felt complete satisfaction and happiness when, detached from worldly affairs, was alone with the Talmud and the "drunk" from the strong wine of the Torah. "What do I do if my soul thirsts for the Torah?" - This saying is owned by one of the greatest rabbinic Ben Azayu often sprang to his lips.

And how instructive conversation with gadolinium author of this book! They reopened the door to the inner world of the great scientist, all imbued with the thought that thirst for truth. He was even willing to take instruction from a man inferior to him in wisdom and life experiences, thank you and, if necessary, to admit their error. How much candor and greatness of soul in his conversation about calling a rabbi ("Talk first." Pay attention to it!).

Along with all this, the book contains a lot of original thinking about the ways of Torah study, a rabbinical activity of Hasidism, a movement Musar and many other things - thoughts that came out of the mouth of gadolinium, and saved the author of this biography.


Preface to the First Edition Preface to the Second Edition
About the book and its author
Clean showers
The Young Lions
The first marriage
Arrival in Kovno
House of Mussar
Parting with Kovno
Return to the Brisk
Years of living in the house-in-law
Ended "manna from heaven"
Invitation to a rabbi in the hamlet.
First Steps
by rabbinical career
Kashrut Education in practice
At the head of the community
Departure from Selco
The rabbi of Pruzany
Departure from Pruzany
Arrival in Minsk
and the beginning of
Lifestyle Gadol in Minsk
Silky apart
Later years
Heshbon nefesh (self-awareness)
The first conversation
Chatting second
Chatting third
Conversation fourth
Brief notes and sketches
His views and opinions
What makes a saint?
Last Day
Family and relatives Gadol
Foreword to the book Ben they
Index of names

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