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It is assumed that the bride's parents on the day of hoops give the groom a new tallit, in which the next morning to pray Shaharit fiance for the first time in my life have donned as a married man.

And the groom gives the bride Siddur, prayer book, decorated with the initials of the bride's bouquet (which will be in the hands of the bride during the wedding), and spirits.

Dear Rabbi!
My brother is getting married in January, the daughter of Rav of Rio de Janeiro. Chuppah (wedding) will be there. Please advise what the traditional gift to send, so it was appropriate, is generally accepted, and left memory.

Thank you in advance.

... 4. One to two sets of books. For example, the Mishnah with commentary of Rabbi Kegati (13 volumes) and / or - the current updated edition of the Pentateuch with commentary such as rallying Mikraot gedolot (5 volumes).

If your brother is free to Hebrew is not yet owned can be bought for a similar (or similar) sets of books, published in two languages. There are good publications in English, French and more recently - the Spanish translation. About translations into Portuguese (Brazilian for Jews) I know nothing.

Practical value and have such sets of books: "The Laws of Sabbath", 3 volumes (author - Rav Neuwirth), a similar edition of kashrut, etc.

Choose and combine them - according to your abilities.

Lyricist Eliyahu Essas

Gifts for girl for bat mitzvah?

- Is there a custom in the Jewish tradition to give something specific to the girl bat mitzvah? Can I donate money?
Thank you.
Margaret Kozyrskaya,

- Bat-Mitzvah (by analogy with a bar-mitzvah) point per day of age girls - when she turns 12 years old, and from that day it shall follow the commandments of the Torah, the laws of the Jewish way of life (before she served them for educational purposes only) . No specific practices have on gifts for bat mitzvah does not exist. Present, for example, a good book relating to the Jewish tradition.

But to give money - I do not advise.

What not to give for Bar/Bat Mitzva:

  1. Celebrate in non-kosher restaurant (or at home - with unkosher food). This is in direct contradiction with the essence of that date - the date from which a teenager becomes an adult, taking on the commandments of the Torah.
  2. To celebrate this holiday on Saturday if management plan celebrations connected with infringement of the laws of Shabbat.
  3. Give her son (daughter) expensive gifts. It is better to just give this day the Jewish books. But if you plan to buy the child something else that will bring him joy, it should be modest.

Cipher asks:
04.05.04 02:05
What to buy for friends as a maaser gift associated with the performance of mitzvah, for example siddur, a good book and candle for Shabbat candles? Do I have to tell them on what tools you purchased a gift?

Kherson Joseph says:
04.05.04 02:20
The only permitted use for maaser - the needs of the poor. There are poor materially, but there is a spiritual one as well.

Therefore, if said to friends - people far removed from Judaism, then give them the Siddur, etc. - An act of assistance to the poor in spirit. If they are aware of spiritual needs and are willing to buy such things at his own expense, we should not waste their maaser to these needs.

About maaser, tzedakah and anonymity

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Generally, in the Torah "maaser" a tithe, which must be separated from the fruits and edible plants grown in the Land of Israel, because without it they are banned in food.

Another meaning of the word "maaser" - is "tsdaka, 10% of earnings, which the Jewish law requires sacrificing the needs of the poor. Incidentally, the first person in the narrative of the Torah, which separated the tenth of the profits into Saints' needs - was the patriarch Abraham.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leads the wise decision that should be given "maaser" to get rich, what God said: "... and test me with this ...".

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