God is Your Healer

јвтор: Arush, Shalom, r.

»здательство: Mosdot Chut Shel Chessed



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√од издани€: 2014
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Tips in this book have helped thousands of people find physical and spiritual health 
The Garden of Healing - A Practical Guide to Physical and Mental Health by Rabbi Shalom Arush

Illness can be unbearable. Negative thoughts bombard the patient and his family, with unrelenting physical, emotional and even spiritual anguish. Frequently doctors are forced to make life-and-death decisions. But how can we really know what the right decision is?

In this monumental work, Rabbi Arush, best known for his international best seller The Garden of Emuna, delves into the complex issues revolving health and healing, both from the perspective of the patient and his family and also since the standpoint of the physician. Rabbi Arush provides us with the necessary tools so that we can face one of the most complex and delicate issues in a person's life: health and illness. He teaches us that with emuna, the simple and pure faith in the Creator, even the most serious and life-threatening illness can be cured and that, with Hashem's grace, each and everone of us can enjoy a healthy and happy life.

 In this all encompassing work, the reader will find many interesting sections such as: the physical and spiritual reasons of illness, a collection of prayers, a special section regarding mental illness, the power of the redemption of the soul, the mitzvah of visiting the sick, a special section addressed especially to doctors, a practical guide on nutrition and proper body care and much more!

An absolute must-read for both the sick and the healthy! A faithful companion in trying times! An essential book for every Jewish home! 450 pages deluxe softcover! 

Chapter from the book 
"Heal thee of thy plagues" 

Any disease - this is a test of faith, and the patient should be guided by three rules of faith: 

1) to understand what the Lord has made him sick, but not to explain the disease to natural causes, their mistakes or something else; 
2) know that it is to the eternal good and thank the Lord; 
3) to understand their actions and look for what sin sent disease, and then repent of it. Only after the people repented, he can turn to God in prayer for healing. 
Some serious illnesses, deliver us from them the Lord sends down for lack of faith, as it is written: "The basis of all - it is faith, and everyone should check themselves and mature in the faith. After all, there is incredible suffering from ailments, undergoing various diseases only because of the loss of faith, according to what has been said: "The Lord rained down blows on you ... blows powerful and loyal and sickness, evil and true" - that is "true" that occur due to loss of faith because the loss of faith causes such ailments from which drugs do not help either, nor prayer nor merit fathers "
We see that a lack of faith - is the greatest sin, more than any other sins and vices! That it entails the most severe punishment - painful intractable disease. Only repentance and serious work on their faith can help heal. Therefore, in such severe cases, prayer and repentance should relate primarily to a lack of faith.This, then is the purpose of the book - to teach the people of Israel this wonderful ability: to live in gratitude! Gratitude will lead one to its proper level, and it will open all the gates: gates of happiness, wealth gates, the gates of matrimony, the gates of full recovery, the gates of the Torah and prayer - these benefits can not even calculate. Anyone can open a prayer book on the page with the prayers of Shabbat and there to find the magnificent prayer, in alphabetical order, which refers to a variety of gates that can open up to us. So, thanks - this is the key to all of these gates and even to many and many to all what you can imagine.

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