Graveside Tehillim. Kadish

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Год издания: 2009
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Language: Russian, Hebrew, English
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Introduction Prayer upon arrival
Alpha Bet Chart
Chapter 119
Letters of Nshamah
Keil Malei


When going to the gravesite of a loved one or participating in an unveiling, it is a time-honoured tradition to recite certain chapters from the Hook of Psalms, While the particular chapters may vary in different communities, the common denominator is that passages from the I'salms are recited.

Written hv King David, the Hook of I'salms is made up of 150 chapters, each one unique in its expression of man's relationship with G-d.

It is no surprise that these chapters have been recited by our forefathers during all the seasons of their lives, in times of great joy and celebration as well as times of difficulty, pain and sorrow, such as a funeral, unveiling or visiting a gravesite of a departed loved one. In this booklet, you will find the chapters of the I'salms to be recited when you visit the gravesite of a loved one.

Below is a step-by-step guide of what to do at the cemetery:
When unveiling a tombstone or going on the yahr/eit (anniversary of
passing) of a loved one, it is ideal to have ten Jewish men. so that the
Mourners" Kaddish can he recited, after the prayers are recited.
If the last time you saw a Jewish cemetery was thirty days ago or more,
the first prayer you make should be the one found on page 5.
After reciting this prayer, recite the chapters of the I'salms found on pages
7 to 23, in the language you prefer.

After reciting the I'salms up to page 23, recite the letters that spell out the
Jewish name of the deceased, in chapter 119, found on pages 24 to 45.
The  119 chapter of the I'salms is written in a unique way. Its order
follows the order of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and provides eight
verses for every letter. It is customary to recite the name of the deceased,
by reciting the verses that spell the name.

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