Grow up!

јвтор: Ofengenden, Ester

»здательство: Mishpaha by Alaha


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Ќомер по каталогу: 07071000
√од издани€: 2015
Cтраниц: 136
ISBN: 9-2-91847-965-978
Weight: 0.31 kgs
Editor: Wasserman, Tzvi
Language: Rassian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 12x2x22


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Esther Ofengenden - a teacher of Jewish philosophy, family counselor, author of the book "Life after the wedding," an expert on the psychology of children and adolescents (MA), with over twenty years of experience.

This book - the result of training and counseling for parents in 23 communities in seven countries.

Here you can find answers to the most urgent issues of the parents:

* Education - what and why we are doing?

* The result - a happy man, as to come to this?

* How to teach discipline, choice, faith, ability
 express and understand emotions?

* How to love and how to punish?
* Parenthood as a gift from the Almighty.


Part 1: Parenting: what and why we are doing?

1.Smysl education
2.Zadachi education

Part 2: Choosing Happiness

1.Chego want all parents
2.Odno condition of the problem - different solutions
3.Svoboda selection
4.Vybor and memory
5.Koordinata: pleasure - suffering
6.Bedy or victory or Anthem errors

Part 3: Managing emotions

1.Tora and Psychology
2.Diapazon feelings
3.Protivodeystvie equal to the action?
4.Emotsiya = Information
5.Human Management
6. I understand you?

Part 4: The right approaches

1.Nenashi children
3.Dressirovka and education
4. How to correct deficiencies?
5.Evreyskaya mom
6.Uchimsya praise
7. How to achieve that the children help around the house?
8.Pravaya closer (by Dr. Scholem)

Part 5: Left constrains (discipline)

1.Raznitsa - in goals
2.Lyubov and borders
3. Training Discipline
4.Ugrozy spoil discipline

Part 6: Cultivating Faith

1.Bolshoy cup and small cups
2. What is faith?
3.Vera = + trust exercise.
4.Nastraivaya antenna
5.Po order
7.Voprosy !!!

Appendix 1. The emotional communication.

Appendix 2. The large family.

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