Guide to Torah Hashkafah

Автор: Gevirtz, Eliezer, r.

Издательство: Shvut Ami



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Номер по каталогу: 04149000
Год издания: 1994
Cтраниц: 157
Weight: 0.24 kgs
Translated by: Zaytsev, Boris
Editor: Wasserman, Tzvi
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x1x22


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Questions and answers on judaism


Rabbi J. Belsky.
The general idea of ​​faith and worldview.
Section A.
Question I. Whom we call Gd?
Question 2. How can you prove the existence of Gd
Question 3. Does it make any difference, we believe or do not believe in God? .
Question 4. How do we know that Gd created the world and its inhabitants?
Section B.
Question 5. Why is the development of life on Earth can not be explained by the theory of evolution? ..
Question 6. The scientists say that the earth in the millions or even billions of years. Are there any evidence to refute the tradition of the Torah, that the earth was created about 5750 years ago?
Question 7. If all this is true, why n now so many people are taking the theory of evolution and reject the idea of ​​the Divine
Question 8. Even if we agree that Gd created the world, how do we know that He Yeshe runs it? And if so, why did not confirm his presence, for example, a miracle?
Question 9. If Gd control the world, why life does not get more perfect? Why not rewarded immediately reward the righteous, but sinners - the punishment? Why is there pain and suffering?
Question 10. What is a Jew and what is Judaism?.
Question 11. What is meant by the term Jews are the "chosen people"?
What is the special "mission" of the Jewish people?
Question 12. Get the Jews benefited from the fact that they are elected by the people of Gd?
Question 13. Why world history is replete with examples of anti-Semitism, if it is assumed that Gd zaschishaet Jews?
Question 14. Can a Jew to escape their Jewishness?
Question 15. What is the Torah?
Question 16. Why do Jews believe the Torah is so important and give her the kind of attention the study?
Question 17. How do we know that the events described in the Torah, actually took place?
Question 18. How do we know that the Torah was given by God?
Question 19. What is the source of Jewish law?
Question 20. Why did the Jewish laws are needed? What is their purpose?
Question 21. Why there are Jews who consider themselves to keep the commandments, but do not have all these great qualities?
Question 22. If all the Jewish laws limiting properties, they are not deprived of the joys of human life?
Question 23. It may be that many of the laws of the Torah were intended for early civilizations and now out of date? As you can observe Jewish law and at the same time remain a modern man?
Question 24. Why Judaism can not afford more democracy in the establishment of laws? Why every man can decide for itself how to live?
Question 25. If the law is the supreme law of the Torah, why there are separate areas, putting the task of updating the Torah?.
Delving deeper into the essence of the Jewish laws
Question 26. What is the rational Sabbath and youma goods (Jewish holiday)?
Question 27. Is there a rational explanation for kashrut (laws about food)?
Question 28. What is the purpose of prayer, tefillin, tzitzit bales (skullcap) and a mezuzah?.
Question 29. As Judaism looks at relations between the sexes?
Question 30. What is Judaism sees the role of a Jewish woman? Are not the laws of the Torah to discriminate against women? Question 31 What is the meaning of the Jewish funeral and mourning ceremonies?
Question 32. Why Jews warn against assimilation into non-Jewish society? Is Judaism does not believe in the brotherhood of man?
Question 33. Why Judaism is opposed to mixed marriages?
Question 34. What is the difference between Judaism from other major world religions?
Question 35. Why Jews do not believe Jesus by God or Messiah?
PART SIX. Self-cultivation
Question 36. How to become a better, moving towards a Jew?

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