Guidebook On Kashrut

Автор: Pantelat, Moshe

Издательство: Shvut Ami


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Номер по каталогу: 08019200
Год издания: 2004
Cтраниц: 161
Weight: 0.21 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x1x21


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The book acquaints the reader with problems with which the person faces, decided to start observance of this major part of the Jewish law. Special interest represents the description of widespread kitchen "accidents"

The book is offered to your attention - not just a book to read , but to start it is definitely worth a read . You are holding a textbook. Tutorial for those who have decided to "go " at his home on kosher.

But not only that. Even if one has not yet decided on a bold move , but made ​​a major choice, and he 's the one to whom we turn . What kind of top option is it? We have in mind the choice of being a Jew. It was to be, and not just be by birth. In other words, we turn and to the reader who found the strength to say, " Because I am a Jew , then back to his Jewishness , which I know firsthand . Now only left to figure out how to do it " ...

Of entry .

Almost all religions of the world are eager to free man from the bondage of material existence , and raise him up to the distant and fascinating worlds to comfort him there unsullied purity and holiness. However, there is nothing more dangerous than a separation from reality than the desire to hide somewhere in the bowels of the saving of eternity - the danger mankind learns the hard way . Our Torah commands the Jew to stand with both feet firmly on the ground, ie do not run away to the abstract , transcendental spirituality of material life - as difficult as it may be - and bring spirituality into our world , to spiritualize life and everyday life , making them holy . A Jew called to transform the world , not treating him well-known formula " Caesar " - in other words, do not divide , but to unite the spiritual with the material . But to inspire earthly existence , it is necessary to raise the " lower levels of human existence " , ie those areas of your life in which a man like an animal. That's where so much attention is Judaism to food and eating : it quenches hunger , a person is most likened to an animal. To make the sanctity of this " low-lying " area , it is necessary to introduce into it the will of God , who commanded us to - what is allowed to eat and what is forbidden . Several times a day , sitting at a table , a Jew recalls the commandment of Gd - in those that relate to food. Instead of having to live a double life , being an animal for food , and an angel in prayer , the Jew chooses a person's life , whole and spiritualized , for which there is no difference between eating and prayer - all holy and sublime! The food from the natural physiological functions of the animal organism turns into a service ideal.


Part one. Clarification of kosher foods.
Part two . kosher kitchen
Kasherovanie dishes
Immersion in the mikvah dishes
Part three. The ban on blood
Part Four . The separation of meat and dairy foods
The prohibition of the Torah
Poultry meat and milk
How to cook the udder
How to divide the meat and dairy dishes
Part Five . "Accidents " in the kitchen (1 )
Part Six . "Accidents " in the kitchen. (2 )
Part Seven . Spicy foods and its features
Part Eight . Resolution wise, saving us
Part Nine . The break between the meat and dairy
meal times
Kashrut in the CIS ( Jacob Tipograf )
Let's start with the bread
Milk and milk products
River and sea products
Products and canned food industry
Bishuley Akum ( food cooked by a non-Jew )
Non-Jewish wine
Frequently asked questions
Kasherovanie dishes

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