Haifa Travel Guide

Автор: Poltorak, Yury

Издательство: Ivrus



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Short History of HAIFA

The existence of an ancient settlement on the site of the present city of scientists determine the XIV century. BC. Oe. In the Hellenistic period, and then in the Roman era, there existed a number of settlements: in the hill Shikmona (near Sea Research Institute), Cust Dr. (near the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions. See Route № 2:11), and Haifa, from the territory of this district Bat Galim (see route № 7). The first written mention of the city we find in the Jerusalem Talmud, which speaks about the famous Jewish sage Rabbi Avdimi from Haifa, who lived in the III. Mr. Oe. (See Route № 5:11). 

Now - about the name. Someone will convince you that it comes from a combination of two Hebrew words "Hof yafe", translated as "beautiful view". Panorama, view from the top of Mount Caramel in Haifa, which spurs is really impressive. But the district Bat Galim, where it was located in antiquity, is located on the beach ... Incidentally, the word "heyfa" is translated from Aramaic language means "shore." The Crusaders tied the name of the city with the name of the high priest Caiaphas, where Jesus was crucified Christ. But it happened two hundred years before the existence of Rabbi Avdimi ... Based on the foregoing, the most likely version of the origin of the word "Haifa" is its connection with the Hebrew verb "lehapot", meaning "cover", "hide". And indeed: from the east ridge from the harbor shore winds, and the west - a convenient bay defended the ships from the threatening storm waves, walking in bad weather at sea.

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