Hebrew in his pocket. Russian-Hebrew Dictionary Hebrew-Russian

јвтор: Falkovich, Igal

»здательство: Isradon



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Ќомер по каталогу: 13193000
√од издани€: 2014
Cтраниц: 416
ISBN: 978-5-94467-052-6
Weight: 0.25 kgs
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 12x3x15



Hebrew in his pocket. Dictionary Russian-Hebrew, Hebrew-Russian with Russian transcription.
Small size and a good cover.


Due to numerous requests addressed to the publisher "Isradon" specializing among other literature on the academic literature in Hebrew, we provide a dictionary Russian-Hebrew, Hebrew-Russian, in which the words are written in Hebrew and Russian letters, which allows their direct use in the speech of those who is in the early stages of language learning.

This dictionary contains both parts of about 10 thousand words. It includes optimal vocabulary needed to communicate, work with texts in ulpan and self study Hebrew.

The dictionary contains a fairly extensive thematic parts, which included including topics covered in such dictionaries for the first time. Such as: legal issues, the topic of military service, medical theme, the main "slang" margin resorted to by the Israelis in everyday life, as well as a selection of the most common turns of "high" vocabulary and more.

In addition to the main part, the dictionary also includes information which represents the training interest.

We hope this dictionary do a good job for all who study Hebrew.

Publisher "Isradon"


Hebrew alphabet. vocalization

A little grammar

Glossary of several groups of words

1.Suschestvitelnye: family
2.Glagol "to be". tables verbs
3.Prilagatelnye: color
6.Voprositelnye words
8.Soyuzy and particles

Russian-Hebrew dictionary


1.Ustraivayas to work.
composing autobiography
2.Chitaya Israeli newspapers.
Listening to the radio
3.Razgovarivaya of Israel
4.Vstupaya in legal relations.
5.Obraschayas a doctor
6.Otkryvaya bank account
7.Sluzha Army
8.Puteshestvuya Israel
9.Znakomyas grammar of Hebrew
10.Ispolzuya "high" vocabulary
11.Polzuyas "easy" slang

Hebrew-Russian dictionary

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