Hello ... Buzya: Jewish Pastoral

Автор: Rivkin, Vadim

Издательство: Jewish Community of St.Peterburg



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Номер по каталогу: 16037000
Год издания: 2002
Cтраниц: 102
Weight: 0.28 kgs
Editor: Frenkel, Aleksandr
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 21x1x30



Notes edition representing opera by Petersburg's composer Vadim Ryvkin. Libretto by Nikolai Gol . The publication is aimed primarily for children's theater and music groups .


Chamber opera " Hello Buzya ... " was written by composer Vadim Peterburgekim Rybkin especially for Jewish children's musical theater " Kinder Yorn " operating at the Jewish Community Center in St. Petersburg.

Vadim Rybkin - a graduate of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. Rimsky-Korsakov in 1971 (class of prof. S.Slonimsky ) . While still a student , he showed an interest in Jewish musical heritage , he wrote a string quartet , which is based on Jewish songs and tunes . Especially influenced the formation of creative young composer and musical communication meeting with a collector and connoisseur of Jewish folk songs Aron Vinkoveikim . Many years later in Israel published a multi-volume anthology of Jewish song , which included samples and folklore , recorded and transcribed Rybkin .

V.Rybkin - author cantata " Kasrilovskie klezmers " concerto for cello and orchestra , other works , imbued with Jewish folklore. Theatre for "Kinder - Yorn " he created three chamber operas - "Hello, Buzya ..." ( 1998), " Skripochka for Sholom or Paganini Caprice " based on a story by Sholom Aleichem " Violin " (1999) and "The Moth , which is stamped " on the short story by R. Kipling (2001-2002) .

Libretto to all theater performances were written Petersburg poet Nikolai Golem . With the same librettist V.Rybkin created the musical " Ludwig and Tutta " the tale by Swedish writer L.Ekholma put the St. Petersburg musical theater " Through the Looking Glass ."

Among the works V.Ryvkina - musical drama " Passions on Erofeev " (from a story V.Erofeeva " Parrot ") , musical and dramatic composition " NaTrubetskom Reach " on a story Yu.Kazakova , a number of works for chorus and orchestra , songs and romances .

Clavier edition opera "Hello Buzya ... " Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg begins publishing musical performances from the repertoire of children's theater " Kinder Yorn " set and repeatedly shown to the public since 1998 - the year of foundation of the collective. The emergence of new children's operas based on the bright, distinctive Jewish folklore , written by talented composers, our contemporaries - one of the main objectives of the theater. We hope that these publications will enrich and diversify the repertoire of Jewish theater studios , as well as children's theater at music schools .


1. EPIGRAPH " Dear our son ... "
2 . PROLOGUE "I had an older brother ... "
3 . BUZYA ( Duetino )
4 . Brag ( Ensemble )
5 . Heder ( Melamed and students )
6. KUTSIBABA ( Child's Play )
7. " WE IN THE EDGE OF MIRACLES ... " (Duet Buzi and Shimek )
8. Saturday (chorus and soloists )
9. SONG bread, fish and Lollipops ( Menachem , choir and soloists )
( Simek , Buzya Menachem and Esther )
11. ROUND DANCE EVIL FORCES ( Villain and chorus)
12. "Like brother and sister ... "
(Duet Buzi and Shimek )
13. " Simek ! BUZYA ! .. " (Duet parents)
14. " LOOK WHAT KIDS ! .. "
(Duet parents and choir )
15. Recitative and final song (Adult Simek )
17. Saturday (chorus and soloists )

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