Heroic Struggle

јвтор: Schneersohn, Yosef Yitzchak, of Lubavitch, Rebbe

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√од издани€: 2005
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A complete and reliable list of events that led to the revival of Russian Jewry

adapted translation of Rebbe's memories
"... 12 Tammuz God freed not only me, but everyone who values ​​our holy Torah , including even those who know nothing about his Jewishness , and can only say , " I am a Jew " ...

Long before the fall of the communist regime in Russia , these words were spoken by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn , the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe. They are full of prophetic meaning .

The Rebbe was arrested in 1927. He was brutally interrogated . He was accused of counterrevolutionary activity , which was to create a Jewish religious underground.

The power to break the spirit of the Rebbe , was used against him techniques that have been tested on many prisoners. Despite the dire suffering and death sentence , his boundless faith and courage helped him endure all the blows until it is miraculous deliverance 12 Tamuz 5687 ( 12 July 1927 ) , the
The Rebbe established a system of Jewish resistance to the Stalinist regime . The general spirit of resistance contributed to the revival of the Jewish future in Russia .

This book , except for his own story Rebbe of his arrest, also contains 32 illustrations , including photographs and copies of documents relating to those days . Some printed first . The book also has many applications , including several conversations seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe , Menachem Mendel Schneerson . They speak about the spiritual significance of the arrest and release of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak .
Oglavleniye Predisloviye izdateley O nashem izdatel'stve Publisher's Foreword About the Publisher Glava pervaya Zapiski ob areste Glava vtoraya Pervyy krug ada Glava tret'ya Vtoroy krug ada Glava chetvertaya Tretiy krug ada Glava pyataya Prigovor Glava shestaya V tyur'me Glava sed'maya Pervaya pobeda Glava vos'maya V tyur'me (prodolzheniye) . Glava devyataya Zver' razzhimayet chelyust' Glava desyataya Tol'ko ne v subbotu! Glava odinnadtsataya 12-ye Tamuza Glava dvenadtsataya Tikhaya diplomatiya Glava trinadtsataya Proshchay, Rossiya! Glava chetyrnadtsataya Poslesloviye Prilozheniye pervoye Chistaya vera yest' v kazhdom Prilozheniye vtoroye On ne shchadil sebya Prilozheniye tret'ye Maamar «Borukh Gagoymel» Prilozheniye chetvertoye Pervaya godovshchina Prilozheniye pyatoye Sem' arestov Prilozheniye shestoye Pervyy arest Prilozheniye sed'moye Muzhestvo dukha Prilozheniye vos'moye Otkaz ot poyezdki v subbotu Prilozheniye devyatoye Vazhnyye daty iz zhizni Rebe Yosefa Itskhaka Shneyersona
table of contents

Foreword publishers

About our Publishing House
Publisher's Foreword
About the Publisher
Chapter One
Notes on the arrest of
Chapter Two
The first circle of hell
Chapter Three
The second circle of hell
Chapter Four
The third circle of hell
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
In prison
Chapter Seven
The first victory
Chapter Eight
In prison ( continued) .
Chapter Nine
Beast opens his jaw
Chapter Ten
Just not on Saturday !
Chapter Eleven
The 12th of Tammuz
Chapter Twelve
quiet diplomacy
Chapter Thirteen
Farewell to Russia !
Chapter Fourteen
first application
Pure faith in every
second application
He did not spare himself
Maamar " Boruch Gagoymel "
Appendix fourth
first Anniversary
Appendix fifth
seven arrests
application on the 6th
The first arrest
application on the 7th
The courage of the spirit
application on the 8th
The refusal of the trip on Saturday
Appendix ninth Important dates in the life of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn

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