Heroism of Our Souls

јвтор: Teller, Hanoch

»здательство: New York City Publishing



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Ќомер по каталогу: 12029200
√од издани€: 2011
Cтраниц: 278
ISBN: 1-881939-18-9
Weight: 0.39 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x2x22


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.Hanoch Teller, breathed new life into the nearly lost art of storytelling and skillfully adapted it for the modern reader. Alone, he created a new genre of Jewish literature, which is designed for the widest possible audience, without any restrictions - for young and old, deeply religious and non-compliant and all the rest. Place and time of action in his stories, all kinds, from local to modern eternal / distant, intonation covers the whole gamut of emotions - from joy to mourning, and the style of presentation is always exquisite and fascinating. Teller makes everyday exciting and interesting, exciting, and all this with ease, affecting our feelings at every stage of the narrative.

A new book of unparalleled storyteller - it true stories from around the world, each of them as multi-faceted jewel full of inspiration, insight and unexpected depth. Like the previous collection of short stories Teller, "The fact that at heart, this book - a beacon pointing the direction, reflecting the traditional values and carrying a lesson of morality. All of this - an integral part of the adventure, drama, pathos and humor. Like all other books of the writer, the reader is presented different aspects of life, many aspects of the wisdom of Judaism, which he had not dreamed of - and the reader will enjoy every minute of reading.

"The heroism of our soul is dedicated to the unsung heroes of our people - ordinary people who did something extraordinary. In each of the characters embody the problems of faith and doubt, the reward for honesty, the deepest truth of the human soul.

Bright, true stories in this book capture and enrich, inspire and teach guarantee laughter, tears and applause - is to open this book, and you can not tear youself away from it.


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